Tuesday, 17 August 2010

An Evening Stroll

Most evenings we take our two dogs out for a walk along the seafront. At this time of the year by 8.30pm the heat is comfortable enough to enjoy. The beach is a five minute stroll from our villa. It’s an easy amble as the journey to the beach is all down hill, but the return journey is a little more testing. The road that we take is steep, very steep! For the last three decades it has been fondly named by the British as cardiac hill. The hill is short, but seriously steep. As we walk this every day we no longer notice the incline and the dogs with four paw drive have no trouble at all. Though we occasionally encounter people puffing and panting and stopping to take a breather!
Once on the seafront, if we time it correctly, we can admire the sunset behind the volcanic mountains. But if we happen to miss this, there is still so much more to enjoy. The view along the coastline to Puerto Calero and Playa Quemada and beyond always looks so beautiful when the dusk light turns the scenery into silhouettes. And to the left off our coastline are the twinkling night lights of Fuerteventura, reminding us of our nearest neighbour to the south.

The beaches here in Puerto Del Carmen are wide and several kilometres long and are beautiful and because of this we are not allowed to take the dogs down there. And even as late as 9pm, at this time of the year, we can still see people splashing in the warm sea and playing on the beach, though by now it is almost dark.

The beaches during the day

As we amble along on the esplanade that runs along the seafront, our little doggies happily sniffing scents that only their sensitive noises can detect, we pass tourists and residents alike. Some strolling to walk off their evening meal and others checking out the menus on display from the many and varied restaurants. The Avenida or The Strip as it is often called by the British offers everything your taste buds dare to fancy. And fortunately by the time we are walking with the dogs we have eaten, or else we would be salivating at the delicious aromas permeating the air and making us hungry all over again!

Esplanade - daytime


Reaching our turning point we look out across the ocean to the dark horizon, then turning we retrace our footsteps back along the esplanade, heading for home; the dogs looking forward to their bowl filled with fresh cold water and ourselves a glass or Rioja!


nicola.harris said...

Your evening strolls sound like complete bliss even the hill!! We know how beautiful your island is and hope that we can return to it very soon!
Love to you both and of course Poppy and Barney xx

Shirley Wells said...

Oh, what bliss!
You won't be surprised to hear that it's still raining in Lancashire...
I walk up a very steep hill every day and although I've been doing it for several years, I still puff and pant and stop to, um, admire the view. :)

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Nicola
Thanks for your lovely comment and we hope you will be back here soon...we miss you all! love x

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Shirley
Sending sunshine and blue sky to you today and of course why else would you stop on the hill....the view needs to be admired!
Love x

Debs said...

It looks so lovely there. I've visited Grand Canaria and Tenerife, but not your island, I must make a plan to do so some time.

Chris Stovell said...

Like Debs, I've visited Tenerife and we've also been to Fuerteventura, but goodness you're doing a great job of advertising your island. We're all envious now!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Debs & Chris
Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog and leave a comment! The nice thing about Lanzarote is that it has not been spoilt with high rise buildings etc. It is still very much unspoilt. I don't mean to advertise the island, but it is difficult talking about what I do without mention where I live. We love it of course and should you ever come to the island it would be fantastic to see you.
Thanks again for calling by.

BaggieAggie said...

It's so beautiful. And sunny! I'm green with envy - and still slightly damp, lol!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi BA Thanks for calling by and glad you like the look of the little island we live on...we love it! As always sending the sunshine to you. I know this will not make you smile, but we've not had rain for about 6 months!x