Saturday, 21 August 2010

Just a Chat!

Now having a Blog page, I feel duty bound to keep it alive and interesting, but I can't think of anything to talk about. So rather than leave it for another day, I've decided to just chatter away and see where it all ends.

The start to the day was slow, last night was my first full nights sleep in over four weeks. My shingles have kept me awake with the pain and irritation and I have found myself wandering around the house at 3am, 4am, 5am trying to ease the pain. So last night having missed those early morning wanders, my body, in shock, kept on sleeping! Normally we take the dogs out around 7.30 - 7.45, but this morning my eye lids just stayed shut an hour longer! But once up, dogs walked and then showered I felt great. Though the irritation is something else, I feel I want to scratch away until there is no skin left, alas that is not the thing to do I've been told......! So in between going slightly crazy at the temptation to scratch away, we went out and drove up to Tias.

Tias is a little town 5kms up the mountain from where we live. We only needed to buy some teabags, but  somehow we also ended up with chocolate biscuits, a huge bag of leather dog chews, chocolate eclairs, kidney beans - they were half price - plus lots of other items I didn't realise I needed!

The view of Tias from Puerto del Carmen

Now with our bags stuffed with items we had no idea we had to have, we saw that it was lunch time. As we were in the shop that also has a cafe/restaurant we stopped and had a coffee and a crispy bacon roll.....delicious! Whilst enjoying the food we saw several people we know, had lovely chats with them, picked up lots of news and gossip before heading back to the car for home. Arriving home we saw that a kestrel had killed a pigeon and was happily eating it on our drive. I had no idea that we had kestrels near us, we can only assume they must have come down from the mountain areas for water and as we have plenty of pigeons flying around, there is also ample food supply too. But nonetheless, this side of nature is not pleasant.

Looking towards PDC from the Tias road

On a different note, I would like to say thank you to Rhiana Reads Blog spot - 'So I Say Thank You For The Books...' for giving me this week's page- Saturday 21st August. To read my article just click here

Now as the heat is 29c in the shade, I knew I had made the right decision to sit at my desk and Blog and also to work on my third novel. So hence why I've been here chattering with you. And yes the irration is still driving me crazy, as I sit talking to you I have frozen packs attached to my shingley areas in the hope it will take the heat out....a long way from sitting down with a nice warm water bottle!

Well, that's it for now, thanks for dropping by and please call again, I'll have the tea made and the chocky biscuits out next time!


BaggieAggie said...

Isn't that always the way when you pop out for just one item...?!

Hope that itching eases soon, Pauline. xx

Pauline Barclay said...

Thanks for stopping by and the shop we went to, changes its stock on a weekly basis, so always something to tempt you ...eek!

And thanks, I can't wait until I can shout from the roof tops that my shingles have gone.....!

Rosalind Adam said...

Your shingles sounds as if it's very waring and although we'd love a bit more heat here in the UK I don't suppose it's helping you much. It must be difficult taking the dogs out in that heat too. When it's hot here (on the odd occasion!) I always set the alarm early to take Josh in the early morning cool.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Rosalind thanks for stopping by and yes my shingles are driving me crazy, though on the upside I am feeling more like my old self!

The heat is a problem with the doggies, we take them out early morning before the heat begins. It is dark here until around 7.15, so soon after that we ar out. The next walk, at this time of the year, is in the evenings around 9pm - 10pm along the seafront. Again the heat is fine as it is dark and no hot sun!

Thinking of you, Rod and Josh back again when you are passing!

Debs said...

I never just come home with what I originally had on my shopping list.

Sympathies for you suffering from Shingles. I've had them too and they're painful and rather unpleasant. Hope you're on the mend soon.

I love the photo of your dogs, so sweet.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Debs Thanks for calling by and for your kind words on the Shingles, they have been very painful, but now I am left with a very sore body...hopefully it will heal soon!

The dogs are cute, and both are rescues so we did not really pick them as such, but we love them!

Hope you'll have time to call again. Hugs x