Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lanzarote Ironman 2011

Today Saturday 21st May is the Lanzarote's Ironman challenge. It is an unrivalled test of strength, character and mind-body excellence. The motto says it all: “Normal limits do not apply”.

To understand how gruelling the course is, you need to understand Lanzarote. Lanzarote is hot, windy, sculptured from volcanoes and surrounded by the ocean. The hills are like mountains and the only areas that are flat are on the coast.

This year there are 1,471 participants who have arrived from all over the world.
The youngest male is 18 and from Argentina
The youngest female is 21 from Denmark
The oldest male is 72 from the UK
The oldest female is 60 from the USA

The challenge starts at 7am in Puerto Del Carmen and ends in Puerto del Carmen at Midnight This is what every participant must complete before midnight in order to receive their much deserved Ironman medal:

3.8km swim in the ocean

180km bike course around the island, many of the roads climbing several hundred metres as the course takes the cyclist through the volcano mountains.

44km marathon - which takes place along the Avenidda in Puerto del Carmen

The atmosphere is electric, the Avenida in Puerto del Carmen is lined with spectator stands which are filled to ram jam full. A festival atmosphere surrounds the entire area as supporters and spectators cheer home the athletes back from the cycle course and through their final stages as they run the marathon.
Helicopters hovver above capturing the race and the front leaders.

As I write we have clouds, sunshine and the temperature in PDC is 24.5c in the shade, it is a cool Ironman this year!

To read all about the famous Lanzarote Ironman event click onto


Suzy Turner said...

That's cool, Pauline! Will you go and watch it?
In the Algarve this weekend, we have the World F1 Powerboat Championships at our nearest city (Portimao... more like a town but called a city!) but I can't be doing with all the crowds (and the noise). We've also got some kind of car racing going on at the local race track (I can hear it from where I live)!
Anyway... enjoy it! I'd rather be watching all those fit men than cars and boats zooming about everywhere!! xx

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Suzy, whilst you where here did you notice what I am reading on my Kindle onlong the right hand column?

And your right, watching these super fit men is fab! x

Debs Carr said...

They must be so incredibly fit (and a little crazy) to do something so difficult. Mind you, I'd be more than happy being a spectator!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Debs, it is emotional watching them especially when they are still running the marathon at 10pm. We holler and and cheer them on!

Rosalind Adam said...

The things that people do in the name of sport! It makes me feel squidgey just reading about it. I'm assuming you're not taking part!!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Ros, laugh of course not, but you have to be serious about competing to do the Lanzarote Ironman, the word tough is not enough!