Wednesday, 8 June 2011

That Song!

I don't know about you, but some songs spark of an instant memory for me, probably because they were playing at the time, for instance,

Chris de Burgh's, Lady in Red, as soon as I hear the opening track my mind races back to a beautiful summer's evening when I was driving home from the office in Epsom along the Leatherhead by-pass. The trees had the wonderful canopy of new leaf in the soft green of spring time. The shadows from the trees slipped across the road as the sun filtered through the new foliage.

Gareth Gates, Anyone of Us (Stupid Mistake) sends me back to driving through Voorschoten, the long flat roads surrounded by miles of flat fields, on my way back to our home in Leiden having had cake, coffee and plenty of chatting with my dear friend, Cheryl at the Vroom & Dreesmann in Leideshendam.

Whitney Houston, A Moment in Time, makes my stomach grip with the anxiety as I recall my exams at the Guildford college during my years of studying for a BA (hons) degree with the Open University.

Do you have a song, a piece of music that sends you back to a time, place or event and if so, please share it with us....just to remind me I'm not completely gaga!


MaureenAMiller said...

Chris de Burgh. That is such a romantic song. Also romantic is Eric Clapton singing "You look wonderful tonight". That song always gets me!

Talli Roland said...

Lady in Red! Ah yes, the memories. I shall forever keep them to myself...

kitdomino said...

So many songs, so many memories, of good times, of bad times, of happy and sad. One in particular was whilst driven into Italy having driven over the Brenner Pass hearing Andrea Bocelli singing Romanza. Wonderful.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Maureen, I agree, Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight...great!

Hello Talli, laugh, keeping your memories to yourself...x

Hi Kit, now that is a beautiful voice, Andrea Bocelli.

Rosalind Adam said...

I missed this post. Lady in Red is a bit special for me and Mr A. It was playing when he came to pick me up on one of our first dates and he reckons I was wearing a red dress... but I don't remember the dress... and now I'm thinking about 'I was born under a wandering star' which reminds me of morning sickness. Oh dear. That's not quite what you had in mind is it, sorry.