Thursday, 27 October 2011

More Fab Reads!

As part of my year of reading books by new authors, some of them Indie authors, here is my update on what I've recently enjoyed on my Kindle..... everyone a fab read!

The Silver Locket by Margaret James, I loved this book and I am now reading the sequel, The Golden Chain

Watching Willow Watts by Talli Roland, if you enjoy YA you will love this book with a wonderful "I got ya back" feeling!

1923: A Memoir by Harry Leslie Smith, this is a true story set in the north of the UK during the great depression of the 1920s and through to the end of the Second World War. A beautiful book.

Widow's Tale by Maureen Miller, having thoroughly enjoyed Maureen's Endless Night, this book did not disappoint, a great read.

Craving Perfect by Liz Fichera, if you have watched the film, Sliding Doors, you will love this book.

Meant to Be by Butler Warhaftig, a mid life crisis for Judith McCoy or is it? A great funny and sunny read.

So what are you reading now?

Oh yes, please don't forget I can personally sign, with love, any or all of my books on Kindle via Kindle Graph!


Debs Carr said...

I loved Margaret James' book so much and have Talli's on my tbr pile (well, in my Kindle!) but I'll have to check out these others too now.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Debs, such great reads out there, we need more time for reading... laugh!

Margaret James said...

Thank you, Debs and Pauline! I am really enjoying Magnolia House, Pauline - it's a great read.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Margaret, I am glad you are enjoying MH, I am so enjoying your Golden Chain. Nice to catch up with the characters again after Silver Locket. x

Talli Roland said...

How bizarre; I was sure I commented here. Goodness knows where my comment has gone!

Thank you so much for the shout-out and for your support, Pauline!

JO said...

What a great list - thanks. Know Talli's books; will check out the others.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Talli, we can never be sure what Blogger does with our comments.... grr! Thanks for stopping by.... hugs x

Hello JO. great to see you here and thanks for leaving a comment, I hope you enjoy the other books too, all different, but great reads!