Monday, 19 December 2011

Chilled, Spilled & Thrilled!

Whilst many of you are having freezing cold temperatures we are not as you might expect roasting here! This last week has been overcast and for here a tad cool.

Yesterday, it was a mixture of sunshine and clouds and very windy. Being Sunday we decided to take a trek up the mountains to Tias. We set of with the dogs, the wind was harder to fight against than the hike up the mountains and if that was not bad enough we got rained on twice, but it was a fabulous walk. No other person, just us, the dogs and openness! 

We stopped in Tias for a drink, watered the dogs and then headed back down the mountain. It was wonderful, exhilarating and downhill all the way. With the wind on our backs we almost flew down!

Two and half hours later after leaving home we were all back home.

Two very happy and tired doggies flopped in to their baskets for the day and we chilled out too!


Inger said...

Those are some tired dogs, I know they must have sweet dreams after that long hike.

Michelle Betham said...

Having lived in the Canries myself, I know all about those overcast, cool and windy days! :)

And I just want to say, how GORGEOUS are those dogs of yours? So cute!!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Inger, thank you for stopping by, they dogs loved it and where full of beans this morning for their long seafront walk!

Hi Michelle, the wind was so strong! As for the doggies, both rescues and both gorgeous.... thank you!

Melanie said...

That must have been quite the trek walking into the wind. I agree about your walk home being so much easier.

Your dogs are gorgeous!

Debs Carr said...

You walk sounds wonderful.

Janice Horton said...

What a great walk - how fit you must be - and the wee doggies look like they earned their snoozes!

I enjoy walking here in Scotland. Uphill on the way and downhill on the way back is certainly the way to do it!

Janice xx

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Melanie, walking back was so very much easier!

Hello Debs, we are lucky we didn't even need the car, straight out of home.... :)

Hi Jancie, we live at the lowest part, so it is always up first, then down for home when we do the mountain walks. xx

Rosalind Adam said...

They're so lovely, your dogs :-) But you haven't posted a piccy of you two snuggled in your baskets!