Monday, 2 January 2012

January Book Cover Sponsors

To start the New Year, I have some fabby book cover sponsors who will appear on my Blog for the entire month of January. You will see their book covers in the top corner on the right hand side of my Blog.

If you would like to be a book cover sponsor you will be most welcome, all I ask is that you add one of my covers to your Blog for the same period your cover is on mine..... simples! Email to chat more at

Now to meet my lovely sponsors...

Janice Horton

Harvey Black

Harvey Black

Sylvia Massara

Sylvia Massara

Maureen A. Miller

Jan & Don Beasley

Romy Gemmell

The covers are gorgeous and I hope you will read some if not all of these fabby publications!


Vickie Adair said...

Great blog! I have often found that I buy books because the cover art is so appealing to me. The books are almost always great!

Linn B Halton said...

A great selection of covers... what a way to begin the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Great cover selection. I'm with Vickie, I don't make a purchase unless I like the cover. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Very kind of you to highlight Dangerous Deceit, Pauline - thank you!

Melanie said...

Great covers! If a cover doesn't draw me to the book I usually don't bother with it.

Sadly, there are some excellent books that get passed over because of that.

Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

I love looking at covers. I have none to show you. Maybe that will change in a few months.

Rosalind Adam said...

I know I've said this before to you, but you are so good at marketing. This is a brilliant idea. If a book cover is familiar, people are of course much more likely to buy it. Congrats on a great idea and hope you have a fabby new year.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Vickie, I agree.

Hello Linn, thanks nice to have people who want to take part too!

Hi Stephanie, I hope you will be one of the book covers for February, let me know if you are interested :)

Hello Rosemary, a pleasure. You are very kind and supportive to me. Thank you!

Hi Melanie, sadly that is so true.

Hello Michael, looking forward to seeing the covers ... good luck!

Hi Ros, I'm now blushing.... thank you. Hugs

Dizzy C said...

I have Reaching for the Stars on my Kindle :)

have a good week

Harvey Black said...

Ties in nicely with the FFP blogspot and Avalon Graphics. Designing the front cover is almost as exciting as writing the novel. I already have a picture in my mind of what my third cover will look like. Turning vision, image, into reality is another story. You have a great website Pauline, and thank you for all of your support. HB