Friday, 10 February 2012

From Little Acorns... It's the lovely Sheryl Browne

Today, I have the fabby Sheryl Browne reclining around my pool sipping at a glass of bubbly and excitedly telling me all about her best selling debut novel, Recipes for Disaster. Come and join us we've got all the ingredients for a great day!

From Little Acorns…
Recently, I visited my local library. Nothing unusual about that, except this time I wasn’t there to browse, fingering spines and peering under richly coloured book-jackets wrapped tantalisingly around the delicious goodies within. I was there to meet the Library Manager to discuss an author talk and book-signing. The author talk to be given to members invited from book-clubs and art networks throughout the county. The book to be signed: my own. A quite unique book, the Library Manager enthused, and went on to outline how she’d already requested twelve copies to be housed in county libraries and wondered if she could perhaps have a stand housing more in their library.

Ooh, I should think so, was my reply, trying to sound efficient, rather than so effervescent I might pop on the spot and burst with excitement. I’d done it! After twenty years trying to write right, which didn’t pass by agentless and completely without hope, I’d finally got a book published and was being taken seriously as an author! Only a writer can know the sheer joy of being able to justify so much time and emotion invested in something, because, quite simply, you are too passionate about your writing to give up.

For me, though, the joy was threefold. The publisher, you see, had invested in me to a degree. When I approached them, I didn’t have this book. It wasn’t written. Bear with me while I elucidate. I write rom com ~ my aim to leave people with that all-important feel good factor, particularly in today’s gloomy climate. I had sent examples of my work to the publisher and, in truth, expected a rejection. I’d done my homework and realised that perhaps my work wasn’t quite right for them. There was something about their site though, their aims, history and attitude, that made me think… hope …that maybe they could offer me a little advice. Sometimes, approached in the right way, publishers and agents will.

I was thrilled when they did just that. I’m always determined to use suggestions/criticism positively, even when my heart might be sloshing about somewhere shoe-level. Then I was gobsmacked. Safkhet Publishing, it turned out loved my style and asked me to write Recipes for Disaster for them: a truly innovative cookbook with sexilicious rom com recipes!

Would I?

YES! You bet. Now! Immediately. Naturally, I seized the opportunity. I’d love to, I said delightedly. But could I? Uneasy trepidation crept in. Really, could I? Or would doubt cloud my creativity until I could barely string a sentence together? No, it would not! I gave negativity short shrift and began writing, positively. I have to confess waiting for the initial feedback, I ran out of fingernails and almost started on the desk. And then they said Yes! They loved it! Music to a writer’s ears.

And so, with much encouragement from Safkhet Publishing, Recipes for Disaster was born ~ and here I am, about to meet with another local resident. This lady runs her own business, a deli on the High Street, and has an inspired idea to cook from the book, selling the produce at the deli in combination with a book-signing. Like the library, she is also proposing to have the books on the shelf. Hoorah! She has local media contacts and our hope is to bring customers to the High Street, which will be beneficial to all.

This, I think, explains my euphoria ~ and this is one of Safkhet Publishing’s aims: We believe in people helping themselves, so we support other independent businesses and non-profit endeavours.

From little local acorns… Recipes for Disaster, published Feb 1, sold over 5,000 copies in less than a week! What’s more, I now have a further three-book contract!! Somebody To Love, A Little Bit of Madness and Naked Fully Clothed are to be published under the new Safkhet Soul imprint.  THANK YOU, Safkhet!

Recipes for Disaster

The shortest way to a man's heart

Mix romantic comedy and step-by-step cooking instructions. Bake at 200 degrees for an entertaining read and handy guide.

She's a single. He's a widower. She wants him. He wants her. She wants to impress. So does he. There's just one catch – she can't cook. To get him, she needs to get past the big fish – his mother. Lucky her, she's got an Ace up her sleeve and all she's got to do is impress this one time. Bad luck, though, her new guy can't cook either, her dog Rambo is on the loose and now they've got to pull off the big lunch at the club. Will it be a match made in heaven? Will they be able to pull off a culinary miracle? Will their combined efforts result in love at first bite? Or is it simply a Recipe for Disaster?

Format: Paperback. Also available on Kindle

Available from: Amazon, any local bookstore, or direct from Safkhet Publishing

Safkhet Publishing
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Twitter: @sherylbrowne

Thanks Sheryl for telling us all about your wonderful journey to publishing, Recipes for Disasters, enjoy the bubbly, I think you more than deserve these bottles!


Sheryl said...

Aw, thank you so much, Pauline. Beautifully presented! And thanks for the... glug ...bubbly... glug, glug. Um, sorry to be a pain, but do you think could notch the heat up in the Jacuzzi a tad?

Thanks, sweetie. Ahhhh, luxury. Sheer bliss. :) xx

Bonnie Trachtenberg said...

What a fun and bubbly interview ladies! The book sounds divine, what a great idea! Congrats on your success, Sheryl!

Sue Fortin said...

Really enjoyed reading this post Sheryl - your lovely warm personality shines through and I have no doubt that goes for your books too. Will look forward to reading them.

Sue x

Patricia said...

Wonderful story - in every way! Congratulations on the great success and the opportunity to help out local community.Just what we all hope for! Love it!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Sheryl, turned up the hot tub in fact just got out..... bliss!

Hi Bonnie, thanks for stopping by and Sheryl is such a fab lady.

Hello Sue, Sheryl's super personality shines through, a great person and author.

Hi Patricia, thanks for stopping by and chating with Sheryl, do have a glass of bubbly!

Sheryl said...

Thank you all so much for stopping by! We're all so busy sometimes - I think that's why writers, in particular, appreciate people sparing a few precious moments to cheer other people on. Pauline did a lovely job! I am actually so relaxed I feel as if I have been on the bubbly!

The people on the High Street are all really excited to be involved in the joint venture, btw. I haven't told the publisher yet, but they're after the shy model's apron as part of a window display. Oops. I think we may need to dip him in the hot tub, Pauline! He's going to be a bit chilly without it! Haw, haw! Thanks again, guys! :) xx

Sheryl said...

POSTED ON BEHALF OF NICKY WELLS ~ who wore her fingernails down trying to post it. Thank you, Nicky!

What a fabulous post and inspirational story, Sheryl! I'm so thrilled for you. And having just finished Recipes for Disaster (which is utterly glorious) I can see so much of 'you' both in the book and this post. Congratulations, and thanks to Pauline for bringing this feature.XX

jontybabe said...

Great post. Really looking forward to reading your work Sheryl. xxx

Sheryl said...

Thank you, Jonty! :) xx

Sheryl said...

POSTING ON BEHALF OF MY PUBLISHER, KIM MAYA SUTTON ~ because Mozart has worn his doggy claws down trying to post it. Thank you, Kim!

Is there any more space in the hot tub? I would quite love to spend my time with people who write as beautiful as you do, Sheryl and who present as beautiful as you, Pauline!

*throws off bathrobe now to get into tub* I'll bring the champagne...

Pauline Barclay said...

Well I've never had my hot tub so full wiht so many faby peeps or my swimming pool, but hey ho, glad you all came along and joined in our little gathering. Wishing you Sheryl great success, you're a fab person! Oh don't woryy about all the wet towels and empty bottles!

Chris Longmuir said...

I loved the interview, the fun just bubbled through, like the bubbly. I think we should all descend on Pauline for a glass of bubbly - How big is the hot tub, Paulin? there's quite a lot of us.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Chris, come on down, I'll turf out a few of the others so there will be room.... !