Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Gruelling Ironman & Melt Down Temperatures!

This week we’ve been on red alert with soaring temperatures getting up to 40c in the shade. The nights are only just a little cooler! The weather forecast has indicated that the intense heat will abate and temperatures should slip back to normal, around 27c and we do hope so.

This Saturday, it’s the 21st Ironman Lanzarote, a test of endurance beyond limits and renowned to be the toughest Ironman in the world.

Swim: 3.8km Cycle 180.2km Run 42.2km

Lanzarote is hot, windy and made up of volcanic mountains, a paradise for a relaxing holiday, but a testing, gruelling island when you have an Ironman medal in your sights.

Swimming is the first event and all participants take to the sea at 7am, this is followed by the 180km cycle ride through the island, on their return, it's the marathon! Every participant must be over the finishing line by midnight. We will be there to see the highlights of this amazing event that has the island pulsating and we’ll be there to cheer the last competitors over the finishing line before midnight.


Paula Martin said...

No alerts for high temps here in the UK, Pauline! But that challenge sounds gruelling in your current temps - rather them than me!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Paula, it is gruelling full stop. The people who take part are seriously fit and they come from all over the world to compete!