Monday, 25 June 2012

Food, Fitness & Fun

Why do the weekends always go so quickly? Despite the speed we had a great weekend. On Friday evening we went to the opening of a new cocktail bar / restaurant, Hi Life not far from where we live on the Avenida in Puerto del Carmen. As we sat out overlooking the ocean, we were brought a complimentary champagne cocktail, followed by a large plate of tapas. As if this was not enough, we ordered a superb dish of chicken with prawns beautifully cooked with mushroom, couchettes, pepper served with a rich sauce and a selection of potatoes, all washed down with a good bottle of Rioja. We finished off with a liqueur for me and cognac for Mr PB. Absolutely 5 stars. We’ll be going back!

On Saturday, we were up just after 6am to walk the pouches and take my little run, then after breakfast, yes we managed to eat a hearty breakfast despite all we’d had the night before! Then it was out on our bicycles to the fitness shop. We’ve decided to add another piece of equipment to our little gym. We already have a cross trainer and plate, so now we’ve ordered a multi gym. We can’t keep going out eating fab food with out keeping the waistline under control… laugh!

Sunday, well the calima arrived! A calima is very hot air and sand. The temps yesterday reached around 30c / 86f and everywhere is now looking a little orange as the sand, like fine dust lays on everything it touches. Only thing to do was keep cool in the pool.

It’s Monday again and the heat is still with us, at 6.30am it was 32c / 89.6 and the sun had not yet got out of bed! It’s going to be a very hot day, so will keep cool and write. Book 4 is making progress 61,000 words written so far, who knows how many more by tonight!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Cara Cooper said...

Sounds wonderful, you make me long for my holidays. It is sunny back here in England but still not warm (sigh).... Lovely little dog, so sweet!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Cara, glad to hear you have the sun, if not warm! It is too hot here with the calima, hopefully it will pass through in a couple of days. Sending warm sunny smiles x

jontybabe said...

I want your life! lol. Sounds like a fab weekend!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Jontybabe, it is really not all that glam, but last weekend was great. Thanks for stopping by :)