Sunday, 22 July 2012

Much More Than Hot Air!

We seem to be having some seriously hot temperatures at the moment and as I write it is 36.4c in the shade in our garden. But what makes the heat unbearable is the hot air, which remains long after the sun has gone down and throughout the night.

We are around 70 miles from the Moroccan coast so if the wind direction is from the east or south we have a amazing hot winds. To give you some idea how these winds feel, it is like having your fan oven on maximum temperature then opening the door just as the thermostat clicks off! The heat that rushes out is not unlike the hot air that has been circulating around the island this last week. Hence why I am in my office writing a post with the doors firmly closed and ceiling fan whirring away, and no, we don’t have air-co!
Though for the tourists who have arrived on the island for the summer holidays, they are very happy indeed! Perfect beach weather!

Despite the heat, the week has been another busy one. On the Famous Five Plus front, there have been three great Indie authors join the Group, bringing the numbers to 27. FFP is truly international with authors from Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Portugal & Qatar. There is an amazing list of titles from these great writers from thrillers, memoirs, humour, sagas, war, Young Adult, fantasy and more. FFP really has something for every reader.

On my book front, Sometimes It Happens… should be available in paperback by the end of August, making this B.R.A.G Medallion Honouree available in Kindle and paperback.

My fourth novel, title yet to be confirmed, mainly because I haven’t agreed on one yet... sigh, is progressing well as the word count nears 80,000, though the end is still a few more chapters away! The story is set in 1965 in the north of England and I will reveal more as soon as I’ve written the two most important words: The End.

It looks like our hot weather will continue and so must my writing! So whatever your week has been like I hope you found time to sit in the garden, chill and read a good book.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by to catch up.


jontybabe said...

Oh Pauline. Not sure I could cope with those sort of temperatures. I'd just want to spend my days sleeping! lol.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello jontybabe, sleeping is difficult as the night temps can be anything fom 25c to 30c plus, the weather we are having at the moment is down to hot air and this does not go away when the sun goes down. They are known localy as calimas! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs x

Jo Lambert, Writer said...

We have had a perfect blue sky day here in the UK today Pauline, although nothing like the temperatures you've been experiencing. I do love the heat, but like Jontybabe would probably want to sleep all day!

Sheryl said...

Me too! Mind you, I could live with for a hol. Make room for a little one, Pauline! :) xx

Gilli Allan said...

The jet stream has shifted northwards so maybe the temperatures will drop by a few degrees. It must be very tiring to be exposed to those temperatures and the scalding wind.
At least we in the UK seem to be in line for some proper summer at last, just in time for the Olympics and the school holidays.

Francine Howarth: UK said...

We're praying it stays hot for at least the next few days: second crop of hay! Re Moroccan heat: bring it on! ;)

Why so canny over your upcoming North country read? :o


Pauline Barclay said...

Hello JO, I too love the heat, but when you can't sleep it is wearing! Glad to hear you have some lovely weather at last.

Hi Sheryl, come on down!

Hello Gilli, hope your weather stays now for some time to come, you all deserve it after the terrible weather you have had.

Hi Francine, not really being canny about my new novel, just have not got down to writing an overview yet, but it's about three working class families and like all my books there is lots of emotion! Thanks for stopping by.