Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Breath 1916 First Flight 2013

On Thursday I spent three hours on location at Montana Tropical in Puerto del Carmen with Radio Tias and the charismatic Jerry Lefever and Sarah English.

Jerry had decided to have a chat to local restaurant and bar owners and had invited me along too to talk about my new book that is coming out later this year, but things went slightly awry!

The previous evening Sarah’s mother and grandmother flew onto the island for a holiday, nothing unusual there, I hear you cry out, well yes there was. Sarah’s grandmother, Mary Grant had never flown before and flying to Lanzarote was her first time flying. What made this flight so very special was that Mary was born in 1916, making her 96!

Instantly Mary became a little celebrity and whilst Jerry prepared to chat with Sarah’s family, then island newspaper’s arrived all keen to learn about Mary’s feelings of her first fight. And like the flight, these moment of fame didn’t faze her!

An amazing lady who demonstrates you are never too old to try new things.


Rosalind Adam said...

Gosh! That is impressive. It makes me feel like a real cowardy custard when I say I hate flying!

Sorry but I have to add that I've just had a really tough time with your Captcha! Hope it works this time!!!

Lyn said...

Lesson for us all there! x