Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Meeting the Lovely & Famous Kim Nash

Chatting and sharing on social media these days is very much part of everyday life for many people. I often relate to this wonderful technology to years ago when at school and had a pen friend. You'd send snippets of information about yourself with pictures, but never really thinking you would ever meet them. Facebook and Twitter is a little like that, but not always as I found out yesterday.

Yesterday, I had the honour and pleasure of meeting the lovely and famous book reviewer, Kim Nash. Kim is here on Lanzarote on holiday, but it is a special holiday for her as she is a VIP at one of the popular holiday complex's here on the island. Kim took time out to meet me and we chatted as if we had been friends forever.

I think it is wonderful that the people you chat away to from your keyboard turn out to be as lovely as the person you imagined they would be. Now it's back to reality today with my feet firmly back on the ground and it was great to meet a lovely lady and a famous one too!

Cheers Kim and thanks for taking time out of your sunny holiday to meet up. It was fabby!


Lizzie Lamb said...

How amazing that you two should meet up. Or is the writing world such a small one that maybe its not amazing at all? Hope to come to Lanzarotte with Adrienne Vaughan one day soon for a writing weekend. Will let you know if/when we do.

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled you met up (and rather jealous, but we'll skim over that bit). Kim is one very lovely lady and as you are too, I imagine that was the meet of the century.

CJ x

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Lizzie, Kim had a special assignment on the island and I asked if we could meet up and she said yes. Fabby! x

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Kathryn, thanks for your lovely words. It was great to meet Kim. And maybe you one day... whoa! xx


I'm going to the festival of Romance in November and I am uber excited about meeting some of my lovely facebook friends! I love ya all. x

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello JB thanks for stopping by and have fun in November. xx