Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Hippie Shake with Joanna Lambert

As my latest book, Storm Clouds Gathering is set in 1965 I thought it would be great fun to take a peek at that amazing era. With this in mind, The Hippie Shake will appear regularly on my Blog. 

This week's guest is author, Joanna Lambert who shares three memories of that amazing era!

Schreiber bedroom furniture - this is what was considered mainstream fashion for bedrooms in 1965

Clint Eastwood in A Few Dollars More - the follow up to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly the spaghetti western (so called because it was filmed in Italy) which launched him as an international star.

The group Unit 4 + 2, who had a big hit with Concrete and Clay in 1965.  Some of its members went on to either form other bands or become record producers.

A few words about Joanna

Jo Lambert grew up in rural Wiltshire. She originally trained as a secretary. In the 1980s she successfully completed a Higher National Certificate in Business and Finance. She has had a full time career since the age of 18, starting in secretarial roles and moving into management. She currently works part-time as an Administration Manager at her local hospital which allows her to make time for her great love - writing. She is the author of four books - The Behind Blue Eyes Trilogy and a sequel, Between Today and Yesterday. Jo is currently working on her fifth novel The Other Side of Morning which is due for publication in 2013. She lives in a village on the eastern edge of BathSomerset with her husband, cat Mollie and a white MG Midget which she calls ‘her husband’s other woman.’

Joanna's latest published book

Other titles by Joanna

When Tomorrow Comes
Love Lies and Promises
The Ghost of You and Me

twitter: @jolambertwriter

If you would like to join in the fun of The Hippie Shake please leave a message in the comment box so that I can contact you.

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Gilli Allan said...

Yay! Unit 4 Plus 2 was my sisters favourite group. She was 21 in 1965 and I well remember Concrete and Clay blasting out from our old Bush record player during her rather glam party at my family home. Great record.