Saturday, 27 July 2013

Just Posters!

I really should be writing, but I have fallen into a dark hole with my latest book, nothing that given time and a little more confidence won't get me back on track, I say nervously with everything crossed!

My new book is about what happens when deception takes a serious turn and the consequences are dire. Even more so when the deceiver deceives them self. It's a tad complicated and I need to ensure I tell the story in the correct sequence of events. Because of this chapter One has been written several times! Despite this need to continue to re visit chapter One, I have written 40,000 of the plot so far, but the questions is can I write more?

So as my brain struggles with plots and putting the pieces of a large jigsaw together, today I decided to play at something I love to do and that is design posters. The idea behind all my posters is to promote the books I have already written and are published.

Today I fiddled around with a photo I had taken some time ago and this is the result.
What do you think?

As always, huge thanks for stopping by and have a fabby sunny weekend. 


Suzy Turner said...

40,000 words? That's great, Pauline! You certainly don't mess around do you? So it's only right you get to have a break every now and again to do something else you love too! The poster looks FAB!! xxx

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Great poster, Pauline. Well done on getting so far with the next novel! I'm just talking about the joys of editing on my own blog.