Monday, 24 February 2014

Shades On! With Colette Caddle

Throughout February I am having a number of special peeps join me for some warm winter sunshine. All my guests will be answering four simple questions. So slip on those shades and settle down to meet today's fabby guest, Colette Caddle

Bikini or swimsuit?

Definitely a swimsuit, haven’t worn a bikini since my mid twenties! Two reasons, really. Firstly, I was snow white, seriously, I never got a tan and secondly, as a result of the, the bits that never saw the light of day the rest of the year, burned easily!

Share a memory from your childhood

My father took it into his head to take the family on a foreign holiday and chose Romania, which, at the time, was not the most common of holiday destinations… and that’s putting it mildly. The weather the night we flew was dreadful and the turbulence, really frightening. And nauseating. Yes, I threw up pretty much all the way there. At one stage, the air hostesses – no men in those days! – strapped themselves into their seats and assumed the crash position. Is it any wonder I hate flying?
The nearest airport to our resort was in Bulgaria and crossing the border during the night was quite an experience, especially for a small child. We were all marched off the bus, lined up and surrounded by armed guards as our passports were checked. It was all a bit scary until my dad offered his cigarettes around and suddenly everyone was laughing and joking and we were sent on our way. I’m glad to say the rest of the holiday was uneventful and we had a lovely time.

Favourite summer drink and why?

Anything cold, bubbly and – obviously - fermented!

Poolside or beach for soaking up the sun rays and favourite place?

Oh, poolside, definitely! Beaches are for walking, for thinking and for creating, not for lying on. Water, sun-screen and sand do NOT make a good combination.

My favourite place, oh, that’s a hard one. Basically I am happy if I’m close enough to the sea to smell it, watch it, hear it and walk the beach.

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There is another fab peep joining us again tomorrow, so please pop by…. Thanks!

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