Monday, 10 February 2014

Shades On! With Shirley Wells

Throughout February I am having a number of special peeps join me for some warm winter sunshine. All my guests will be answering four simple questions. So slip on those shades and settle down to meet today's fabby guest, Shirley Wells

Bikini or swimsuit?

A couple of years ago, I would have said bikini every time. However, I’ve reluctantly decided that my days of wearing a bikini are over. It’s just too frightening for anyone in the vicinity.

Share a memory from your childhood

I remember as a child, lying on my back, with my face to the sun and my Shades On, in my parents’ front garden. It was hot. I mean really sweltering. Bliss. My dog, a stupid Cocker Spaniel called Monty, had the perfect answer to the heat because in the back garden was a pond. That’s pond, not pool. This wasn’t your nice clean pond either. It was full of weeds, fish and, much to my mother’s horror, a snake once decided to slither out of the green, slimy water. So Monty, full of boundless energy, decided it would be great fun to race circuits of the house at top speed - via the deliciously cool pond. Each circuit took him about thirty seconds. So I lay basking in the heat and, every thirty seconds, got a wonderful cool shower as Monty sprinted past. It was only when I finally went inside that I realised just how green and yucky that pond was. I was wearing it!

Favourite summer drink and why?

My favourite summer drink changes on an almost daily basis. I do like a nice chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio … but there are times when only a long gin and tonic will cut it. G&T with lemon but no ice. Cheers!

Poolside or beach for soaking up the sun rays and favourite place?

For me, it’s beach every time because I love the sound of moving water. I think waves lapping on pebbles is the most relaxing sound in the world. Favourite place? Hmm. That has to be Baska, Croatia.

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There is another fabby peep joining us again tomorrow, so please pop by…. Thanks!

1 comment:

Shirley Wells said...

Thank you for inviting me to sit around the pool, Pauline. It's warmed up a cold, icy day. :)

I'm pouring the G&T. Cheers!