Friday, 14 February 2014

St Valentine's Day, but Is it Happy Ever After?

It's St Valentine's Day and as hearts beat together is it happy ever after for everyone?

Anne Simpson, beautiful and intelligent is in love with her work as a school teacher and in love with her clever finance, Paul Betham. Anne is idealistic and is determined to be the best teacher for her young children, many who come from poorer homes. Paul is handsome and ambitious, he too is a school teacher at the town's prestigious grammar school. Paul wants not just the best for his pupils, but the very best for Anne and their future and he will go to any lengths to make sure he gets what he wants.

Shirley Burton, early thirties, vibrant and attractive fell in love with the man who not only made her laugh, but found that not only did her hand fit in his perfectly, but their hearts beat together wildly. These days the laughter that rang through their lives, is silent.
Jimmy, Shirley's husband, has never stopped loving his wife, but something he never thought could happen took his laugher away. Instead of holding the hand that fits perfectly in his, Jimmy instead holds a pint of beer. And whilst Jimmy hugs his beer, Shirley flutters her eyelids at sexy Billy Smith? Is this love or lust or is it a dangerous path to destruction? 

Kathleen and Joe are a couple made in heaven with two wonderful children, but their lives are not exciting in fact the complete opposite. Their lives are tough. Money is hard earned and often short, but their love for each other shines through. Nothing daunts the Mitchell family they have the ability to smile when others would despair, so what possible could go wrong?

Storm Clouds Gathering is as much about love as betrayal. It's about the highs of joy and the deep lows of sorrow. It is about human emotions and relationships caught up in the tangled threads of life.

Is available in Kindle and paperback

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