Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sitting Round my Pool - The Founder of oapschat, Janice Rosser

Today I have a truly lovely lady sitting round my pool and taking a break from her manic life. As well as being a full time carer, Janice Rosser is the founder of a brand new dynamic web site that offers an amazing amount of information on everyday life: Cooking, travel, health, reading and so much more.

So please sit back, enjoy the sun and meet the wonderful Janice. … take it away Janice!

Who or what is Oapschat? People are asking me this daily.

Hi, my name is Janice and I am the founder of www.oapschat.co.uk. Opaschat was born in April 2013 as a Facebook page. One lunchtime, my family and I were talking about the lack of websites for over fifty fives. So I decided to look into this more thoroughly. There are a few, but they are celebrity based or specific to grandparents etc.
So I decided to launch Oapschat FB page and post and comment about the silver and golden years. A blog was set up and I started to write weekly columns on health, money, lifestyle issues, relationships memories and much more. The FB page grew slowly at first, but gradually I was having more and more likes. The Daily Mail mentioned me and more likes followed. To date there are over 600. It was in November that I decided I had enough material and confidence to launch the website.
Since that day, I have been writing articles on all kinds of topics. I now have over thirty contributors to date and articles on all different subjects are posted on an almost daily basis. Members can comment via disqus.
Raffles are held monthly, sometimes more often. Firms, shops, businesses, authors and many others donate prizes. A newsletter goes out once a month with my plans for the coming weeks.
I am overwhelmed to see that I am in the top 100 Independent Happy List!
What an honour. Thank you to those of you who voted for me.  A local radio interview followed and a slot in my local paper.
Oapschat is well and truly born now and I hope it will continue to thrive. With your support, I'm confident it will.

Congratulation Janice, a truly fabulous site. Wishing you fantastic success.


janice rosser said...

What a lovely pool you have Pauline and great to be sitting around it with you today. Thank you for inviting me.

Margaret James said...

Congratulations, Jan! A fab interview, ladies. Pauline, could you send some sun to Devon? MXXX

Lizzie Lamb said...

Hello ladies, always nice to learn more about a writer friend. I think the revamped OAP's Chat blog looks fab and would encourage everyone to check it out.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Janice, it's a honour having you here. Thank you! x

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Margaret, sending hot sunshine to yoooooo :) x