Friday, 25 July 2014

Answering Five Fun Questions

I've answered these fun questions

First lines are important in novels. What is the favourite first lines you’ve written and from what work is it? (provide a link if it’s published).

Nothing in her wildest dreams had prepared Doreen Wilkinson for something like this. But then, nothing had prepared her for winning the lottery either.
Several million. Several million. Eleven million, three hundred and fifty four thousand, two hundred and ten pounds and nineteen pence to be precise.
She had giggled at the nineteen pence. “Break the bleedin’ bank that will!” Sometimes It Happens…

If someone told you your characters were sitting in the room across the hall, would you walk across to meet them? Why or why not?

I most certainly would. All of them have left an impression on my mind, even the evil, Henry Bryant-Smythe from Satchfield Hall. Though I would love to meet Jane Leonard from Magnolia House so I could give her a hug and tell her how her story broke my heart. I would know if Doreen Wilkinson from Sometimes It Happens… was across the hall because her giggle would be filling the air.

If you could magically become one of your characters, who would it be?

Too tough to answer this one, but I can say I have walked in the shoes of every one of my characters. I have felt their pain, and shared their joy. We have laughed together and at times we have cried together as we travelled along the winding road of their journey.

What day of the week is your favourite for writing?

I write most days, but mainly in the afternoons (sometimes I have a little helper checking!!). Most mornings are taken up with other commitments. And I can be found from time to time away from my laptop at weekends!   

Compare one of your novels to a food item, drink or entré. (provide a purchase link)

Sparkling, bubbly and tantalising , champagne is definitely Sometimes It Happens…

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Rosalind Adam said...

Those questions could have been designed for you!! A food or drink? I knew you'd go for the bubbly! The character question? Not so easy because as the writer we often have to take our characters to dark places where we would rather not be, in order to bring them out the other side again.

Sometimes it Happens was the very first book I ever bought on my Kindle and I thoroughly enjoyed it! :-)