Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sitting Round My Pool is Carolyn Mathews on her Promo Day!

As part of the One Day Promo organised by Brook Cottage Books on Saturday 27th September for Squaring Circles by Carolyn Mathews, please meet the lovely Carolyn as she sits round my pool talking about her latest book.

Carolyn you are an English lecturer and author of books and plays for language students what made you decide to write fiction for adults?

I suppose it started with my interest in mind, body and spirit. A few years ago, I devised a short correspondence course called Lyrical Life, designed to combine self-discovery with creative writing. It was in seven parts, each of which corresponded to a stage in life and a chakra (chakras are the energy centres located in the subtle body).  My interest in personal growth gave me the idea of writing about a character who started off being sceptical about the supernatural and ended up being convinced. In fact, in the first book, Transforming Pandora, she channels an Ascended Master via automatic writing and takes a correspondence course in Enlightenment administered by an angel!

Tell us a little about your latest book, Squaring Circles  

The book starts with Pandora standing in a Glastonbury paddock watching her mother's wicker coffin being lowered into the ground. One of the rope-bearers is a stranger who is lodging with her mother's partner, Charles, and has brought a large donkey with him. When her mother's grave is disturbed, she turns detective and finds herself drawn into a world of intrigue, revolving round a devious couple's plot to exploit the Isis healing circle (of which her mother was a member) for their own ends. Her partner Jay's collaboration with an attractive singer and her own encounter with an old flame add to the confusion. The twists and turns of her life, just like the labyrinth in her garden, lead her to a point where she has to make a crucial decision.

Has your interest in contemporary spirituality helped write Squaring Circles?

Yes. In the first book, the focus was on channelling and in this book Pandora becomes a sound healer who uses the Violet Flame in her healing. I like to think that some readers might be interested enough to look into these subjects further, in the process of developing their own spirituality.

Squaring Circles is your second published book can we look forward to a book three?

I'm 35,000 words into book three and looking forward to having a good crack at it once "Squaring Circles" is launched. Trouble is, if I leave it too long between visits, I have to do a lot of reading to refresh my memory before I can pick it up where I left off.

Away from writing what are your interests?

I go to a weekly yoga class; if there's a spare ticket, I like to support our local football team; I enjoy seeing my two sons and their partners, and our five-year-old grandson who keeps us on our toes; also love a good film at the cinema, a good drama on TV and a decent West End musical. I tend to meditate when I'm in the mood, but not as regularly as I should.

Back to Squaring Circles is this available in Kindle and paperback and where can readers get their copies from?

Can be ordered from Amazon, Waterstones, any book shop.

Kindle      Paperback

Squaring Circles blurb:  Free spirit Pandora is shaken by the sudden death of her mother and the presence of a mysterious stranger at the funeral. When her mother’s grave is disturbed, she turns detective and finds herself drawn into a world of intrigue, centring round a devious couple’s plot to exploit a healing circle for their own ends. Her partner Jay’s collaboration with a sexy singer and her own encounter with an old flame add to the confusion. Will she succeed in her quest to restore equilibrium to her family circle or will the decisions she and Jay make set them up for more heartache?

 Bio: Carolyn Mathews' English Language writing and teaching career included a stint with a class of 'Harry Potter' extras at the local Warner Bros. studio, Hertfordshire. With so much magic in the air, it's no wonder she now writes fiction with more than a hint of the supernatural.

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If anyone wants an autographed copy they can email Carol. The address is on the contact page of her website.



Great post ladies! Thanks for hosting today Pauline. x

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Always happy to help JB and thank you for stopping by x

Carolyn Mathews said...

Thanks, Pauline, for this feature. I love your site. Thanks for making the launch really feel like a party ! x

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Carolyn, it's been fabulous having you here. Wishing you great success with your latest book. x