Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lovely Blog Award

What a wonderful start to the day as I have been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by one of the loveliest people I have the honour of calling a friend, Helen Hollick top selling writer of Books and Queens and Pirates, of History and Kings... Thank you so much Helen for nominating me and your kind words, I’m blushing!

 Of course I am delighted and humbled to have been nominated, but the drawback with these kind of things is that they come with obligations:

1.     Link to the person who passed the award on: Helen Hollick, historical writer of Kings and Queens as well as swashbuckling pirate adventures.

2.     Post The Lovely Blog Award logo on your blog

3.     Share seven interesting facts about yourself.

4.     Pass the award on by nominating up to 15 bloggers for the award.

Seven things about me, can’t promise they are all interesting, be warmed!

Taken quite a few years ago!
1.     Me and my gorgeous OH love roller blading and have skated several marathons. We've skated the Friday night skate through Paris. Skated along the Charles River in Boston, USA. Skated to the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, plus hundreds if not thousands of kilometres on the cycle paths throughout the Netherlands.

Chicken in a honey and mustard rub
2.  Cooking, I love cooking and enjoy making different dishes, including cakes and homemade bread. Each year I make our mincemeat in September ready for our Christmas mince pies.

March 2014 Musical Marathon
3.      I love running, though not a great distance runner, I try to run three times a week for 5kms. I have entered and ran 10.5kms races and though never come in first, I’ve, so far, not been last!

4.      I am not the tallest person on the planet stretching up to 4 feet 12 inches!

5.      Love Rioja wine and the odd bottle of bubbly and not in the same glass!

6.      I admit to being a Corrie fan… well someone has to be. LOL!

7.      Last week I set up a brand new web site for authors to promote their books, Chill with a Book! Hopefully it will attract lots of new readers.

And now to pass the Lovely Blog Award on to:

1.      The fabulous and amazing JB Johnstone at Brook Cottage Books

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2.      Eileen Schuh because not only is she top selling author, Eileen has a super blog, Magic of the Muses

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3.      Suzy Turner’s Fiction Dreams as it a super Blog

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4.      Nikki Bywater’s great Blog Nikki’s Books4U

Rosalind Adam is writing in the rain

5.      Rosalind Adam who has a truly wonderfully interesting Blog, Writing in the Rain

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6.      Kathryn Brown's super Blog, Crystal Jigsaw

Once again, thank you Helen for nominating me.


Rosalind Adam said...

Thank you so much for your kind nomination and congrats on yours :-) Roller blading through Paris must have been amazing and I'm so impressed with your stamina...and your cookery skills. I'm afraid I opt for the easy way out in the kitchen

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Ros, thank you and I've not got that much stamina LOL! And congrats to you because you do have a fabulously interesting Blog. I love it.

Suzy Turner said...

Awww thank you so much Pauline! I had no idea you were a 'wee' lass! But all the best things come in small packages, right? ;) xx

Pauline Barclay said...

LOL! Suzy, some say that and others say something quite different. LOL!