Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Perfect Holiday Read?

What makes a perfect holiday read? A questions that will be crossing many reader's lips in the coming weeks as the 'getaway & relax' season fast approaches. For many people this will be the only time they will be able to sit, relax and do very little or nothing at all. Reading a good book, whilst sprawled out in the sun, can make a holiday complete, but what is the perfect book?

Are you a book gripper, turning each page carefully as you shadow an evil murderer in a Suspense Thriller? Or do you prefer to gaze into passionate eyes of the hero in a steamy Romance? Maybe the book you are planning to take as your holiday companion is one that makes you feel warm and happy, reminding you of your own wonderful holiday?

I like to think that my latest book is a perfect summer read, there is plenty of sun, romance, laughter and.... yes,of course, that is there too! I'd like to share with you two lovely reviews about Sometimes It Happens... which I received yesterday. Maybe you will then decide if Sometimes It Happens... is the perfect summer read for you and all your friends.

"Sometimes It Happens is a really fun book written by the lovely Pauline Barclay. I read it in just two days and seriously felt as though I had been on a little mini-break in the sun." To read the full review, please click on -> Dot Scribbles , a lover of books and a book blogger.

"There are fantastic characters in this book and all of them were entertaining and their stories funny as well as occasionally sad with several twists and surprises that I didn't expect. I really enjoyed this book and will now have to buy Pauline's other two books". To read the full review, please click on -> Debs Carr, writer and Editor for Women's Fiction

Sometimes It Happens... is available from Amazon Kindle - /



Debs Carr said...

Sometimes It Happens is like a mini-break in the sun and just as enjoyable.

Shirley Wells said...

I shall be reading Sometimes it Happens just as soon as I get a spare moment. I'm definitely in need of some sunshine. :)

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Just downloaded onto my Kindle. I'm looking forward to reading it.

CJ xx

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Debs there is nothing like a little sunshine to make you smile! Thanks...hugs x

Hi Shirley with all your poor weather I know it keeps you at your desk, but sometimes it happens that the sun shines in Lancashire and maybe, just maybe, you might have a spare moment. Don't work too hard... :)

Hi Crystal Jigsaw, thank you, I hope it makes feel sunny and you enjoy it! x

Rosalind Adam said...

Got a birthday coming up. Maybe I'll finally get that Kindle I'm lusting after and then I can download it...

Finally got round to accepting your lovely cute award. Thanks again.

Talli Roland said...

I can't wait to read your book, Pauline. It does sound like the perfect holiday read!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Rosalind, I hope you do get a Kindle for your exciting! And I've been along to your Blog.... x

Hi Talli, thank you, I hope you will enjoy! x