Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Makes us want to Dream...

These wonderful words were on Facebook about The Birthday Card. I’m smiling and crying… such an emotional person these days. Thank you lovely reader for this.

5 out of 5 stars
Makes us want to dream...

"If there's one thing I like more than Barclay's writing, it's her characters. They are ALWAYS believable. She knows them like the back of her hand and three pages into THE BIRTHDAY CARD, you'll know them as well as she does. Doreen and her daughter will have you trapped in the story of their difficult but delightful lifestyle in class-conscious Britain for the duration. And when that lifestyle turns upside down...well, no spoilers here. And when yo...

The Birthday Card is available in Kindle from ALL Amazon sites

Friday, 13 September 2019

From Canada: Eileen Schuh

I am running a season of talking to, Award Winning, authors from different parts of the world. My lovely guests will talk about their country, their books and a little about themselves too. Today, I have an author and, someone I am proud to call a friend, who I have known for several years. Please welcome, Eileen Schuh from Canada.

I’m so excited to have been invited to sit beside Pauline’s pool. Not only because that means I get to talk about my books, and my country...and myself...but because we Canadians are on the cusp of winter. Therefore, lounging in the sun beside a pool is an opportunity I cannot decline.

Pauline told me she’s honouring Canadian writers on her blog this September and I thank her. There are a lot of us writers here in the Great White North and many of us have an affinity with British writers (and other things British like princesses, tea and the ‘u’ in colour and neighbour).

Canada is known for its successful celebration of diversity. We welcome ideas, foods and yes, even, words from cultures around the world. Plus we have some of our own words, like toque and kayak and sic.

An artist tends to see the world, well maybe not ‘differently’ but certainly more intensely than most. I notice this when I compare my vacation photos to others in my travel group. My companions will have grand mountain scenes with a group of us smiling tourists in the foreground and I’ll have a ten photos of a dew drop on a wild lupine.

This artistic perspective has served me well in my novel-writing. Most of my stories take place in Canada, in my particular province—Alberta. Whereas my friends and relations might not initially find their homeland an exciting locale to read about, when I put strong, poetic words to the everyday sights, sounds and smells of their world, they suddenly find beauty in what they’ve always taken for granted.

They can feel at home when “Katrina looked past the parking lot to the brilliant autumn colours. This used to be her favourite time of the year with the fire of the foliage under the mellow glow of a sun riding low on the horizon, the honking of geese flying white against the azure sky.” [THETRAZ].
Additionally, for those unfamiliar with my prairie home my use of powerful words can portray my everyday world as an exotic location. “Katrina drank in the astounding beauty of the Alberta September. Across the river, gold leaves glittered behind the red berry bushes lining the bank. Interspersed in the dazzle of fall colours were the spruce trees, stretching their deep green toward the rich, late-afternoon sun. The air was thick with the pungent scent of autumn. Fallen leaves, some mottled and some striped, crunched beneath her feet.” [FATAL ERROR]

Although my ongoing BackTracker Series [THE TRAZ, FATAL ERROR, FIREWALLS and OPERATION BACKTRACKER] is set in Canada, to expand my horizons I include a healthy dose of my southern American neighbour in my SciFi flicks, DISPASSIONATE LIES and SCHRÖDINGER'S CAT (this helps appease my American publisher, too!)

In SHADOW RIDERS, a crime novel running parallel to my BackTracker series, a good portion of the story happens in South Korea, a country I visited and found immensely and intensely vibrant.

I’m going to have to towel off now, don my parka and toque and go back to Alberta’s prairies and boreal forests and write about this amazing sapphire pool of Pauline’s, lapping at my toes as I laze thinly and youthfully, bronzing my alabaster skin beneath the warm rays of a tropical sun...

Or something like that.

One more thing before I go, Congratulations to Pauline on her new release, THE BIRTHDAY CARD. A great summer read...or autumn read. Even a winter read if the snow happens to come early this year.

The BackTracker Series

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

A Haunting Story, White Stones by Kit Domino

I am delighted to have back around my pool, the lovely Kit Domino, whose latest book was inspired by a visit to mansion back in the seventies. It appears this was no ordinary mansion!

Thanks for inviting me back, Pauline, I always feel at home around your pool. In response to your question as to what inspired me to write my latest novel, White Stones, the story goes way back many years.

I’ve always had a fascination with the supernatural, not that I believe in ghosts as such as I believe all paranormal activity has a rational answer. Most can be easily explained; for the remainder, it’s more a case that the right explanation hasn’t been found yet. But, like many of us, I can’t resist a good, old-fashioned ghost story – it’s just when I hear them, I’m always searching for reasons using science and logic.

In the early 1970s, I lived in a large Georgian mansion perched high on the Cotswolds. It was an isolated, wind-swept location with magnificent views. The house wasn’t spooky but there was a certain “atmosphere” about the place, especially when there alone, which was rare. We had two pianos: a full-size grand in the dining room, and an upright in the children’s dayroom; neither of which I could play, I didn’t know how to.

Conversations often revolved around a particular houseguest some years before who had frequently complained of being disturbed during the night by someone playing the piano, not that anyone else heard it. This occurred so often, after a while the guest refused to stay in the house. During my time there, I never heard anyone play either piano, day or night! The story intrigued me, and we often discussed what the cause might have been, no explanation ever being found.

I had forgotten the story until some 20 years ago when I heard a piece of classical music I hadn’t heard before; a beautiful tune I couldn’t get out of my head, but I had no idea what it was called or who the composer was. This was back in the days before the internet so finding out was exceedingly difficult. During my search, the seeds to a novel were sown, my mind being cast back to the story about the piano-hearing houseguest. It was a simple step to merge both, and thus White Stones grew into the story of a perceived haunting, mysterious music and a frantic search to find the source and the composer, and along the way create Filton Shields, an Unexplained Phenomena Investigator who is already on the hunt for his next case.

“Walls have ears, but sometimes they also have mouths with which to speak.”

What strange forces are at work causing Penny Cornwall to see and hear people from the past and feel all their emotions? More disconcerting is the tune she doesn't recognise play over and over inside the Cotswold stone cottage she shares with Harry Winchester. Music that will not go away, threatening to destroy the rural idyll she and Harry have found. Thus a fruitless search to find the source of the music and its title begins, a quest that rapidly becomes an obsession taking over her life.

Can the intervention of an eminent archaeologist find the answer to the music's connection to their cottage in time and, in so doing, unravel the tragic story of a love bound by the music transcending the barriers of space and time?

A signed copy of White Stones is up for grabs to the first person who correctly names the theory discussed in White Stones.
Please leave your answer in the comment box and how we can contact you… thank you.

White Stones is now available worldwide in e-formats and released as a paperback on 17 September 2019. Links: books2read.com/Whitestones

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Fun, Funny, Quirky...

“Ms Barclay has succeeded again with this heart-warming prequel to the delightful book Sometimes It Happens. Doreen Wilkinson is one of the most endearing characters you will find in fiction today: fun, funny, quirky, and possessing a big heart; you will be routing for her every step of the way. Be sure and get both books so you can enjoy Doreen and her daughter as they embark on the change of a lifetime. Highly recommend both!”

Thank you so much lovely reader.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019


What a week plus! No internet for over 10 days, but back on line with a new provider. 
Sadly I've not been able to talk about my lovely Doreen. If you've read her wonderful story, do let me know, The Birthday Card, because sometimes it happens! 

Thursday, 1 August 2019

August Newsletter

To catch up on all the Awards, news and much more, read Chill Awards August Newsletter.
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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Letting her Guard Down...

Friday morning, and as usual, Doreen was running late for work, but before she could contemplate a day mucking out for her three clients, she needed her tobacco fix. Racing out of the front door, she noticed a balloon bobbing, on a ribbon, tied to her neighbour's door handle. “Happy Birthday” the message read in sparkling colours. Doreen chuckled. Her old neighbour was a birthday boy.
Pulling her jacket zip up, she hurried down the corridor towards the staircase that would take her out of Wentworth House and to Mr Greedy’s, the corner shop. Lengthening her stride, Doreen decided she would get the old boy a card.

Rooting through the poor selection in the shop, Doreen sighed, ‘Blimey there aint nothing suitable for an old geezer.’ Excepting she was out of luck, she dropped the motley collection back on to the box top she had lifted them from. Shrugging, she gazed down on the floor and saw a card lying there. Picking it up, she giggled. ‘Perfect,’ she cried. The words could not have been more appropriate if she’d written them herself. On a dull day, Doreen’s face lit up, maybe life wasn’t all that bad, she thought and headed to the counter to add her purchase to her slate.
Upbeat with her find, and standing at the counter, she let her guard down and before she realised her error, Mr Greedy talked her into doing something she vowed she never would…
It would be a few weeks before Doreen realised that buying a birthday card for her neighbour would change her life.

The Birthday Card
A feel good read, filled with laughter.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Rhino on the Roof!

Today, I’m not sharing words about my books, but this picture of a rhino on a restaurant roof!! What more can I say?

Maybe also pop over to Doreen's Blog. Today, she's talking about seeing the Queen!

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Sniff... Tears!

I've just received an email from a reader... it made me cry!

"I’m in bits here. I’ve just finished Satchfield Hall. So glad my make up was delayed this morning. Sitting here with tears streaming down my face. The last time I remember that happening with a book was Gone With The Wind and I was about 14. Have left a review on Amazon - I don’t do that often either.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Hard to Put Down!!!

This weekend, I saw this on Facebook regarding, The Birthday Card, needless to say, I’m smiling. No doubt Doreen is giggling!!

“...just reading, didn't think it would be, but it is hard to put down!!!!”

Available in Kindle from all Amazon sites

The Birthday Card

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Award Winning Satchfield Hall

Satchfield Hall

Award winning read, Satchfield Hall is a

Celia Bryant-Smythe could never have imagined the high price she would have to pay for her one mistake.

As her father, Henry Bryant-Smythe learns of her indiscretion, he not only deals with it, but stamps on it with a resounding thud that will ricochet through the years. He cares nothing for the consequences of his actions that will bring heartbreak, pain and loss.

Set between 1943 and 1986, Satchfield Hall is a sweeping saga of deep love, evil lies and ruthless power.

What readers have said…

“Barclay overdoses us, wrings us out with oceans of wide-ranging emotions in this book. She does it skilfully, subtly, poignantly. The story is utterly compelling.”

This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review:
"Satchfield Hall is a combination of a family saga and a ‘great house, upstairs-downstairs’ story, which may appeal particularly to older women readers who remember their own parents’ ‘old-fashioned’ attitudes. A novel to read by a warm fire during a chilly weekend."

“I thoroughly agree with our #DDRevs reviewer: Ms Barclay writes engrossing and highly enjoyable novels ideal to curl up with on a cold day, or relax in the garden in the warm sun.”
Helen Hollick
founder #DDRevs

“Pauline Barclay takes the reader through the gamut of emotions. The characters are believable, the story grips you from the beginning, and the end it concludes in several very satisfying ways.”

“A wonderful family saga of love and betrayal… I absolutely adored this book and can't recommend it highly enough! It even made me cry with sadness and happiness!”

Available in Kindle and paperback
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Friday, 19 July 2019

Mr Greedy

I think we all have a Mr Greedy in our neighbourhood, certainly there is one where Doreen Wilkinson lives. Have you got one?

Doreen is talking about him, maybe he matches your Mr Greedy!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Sharing a Few Secrets...

My giggling, delightful, Doreen is sharing a few secrets over at ...

I hope you will find a moment to pop along a say hello!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Promoting Yorkshire Authors - Malcolm Hollingdrake

On my special post, Promoting Yorkshire Authors, I am delighted to welcome, Malcolm Hollingdrake.

Malcolm is here to talk about his crime series, the Harrogate Crimes, so please help yourself to a glass of bubbly and settle down on a recliner to find out what happens on the streets of Harrogate.

My name is Malcolm Hollingdrake and I write the Harrogate Crime Series featuring DCI Cyril Bennett and DS David Owen. Thank you very much for inviting me to chat with you here. It’s so rewarding to be asked to say a little about the books I write. “I write” – when I say those words, I still have to pinch myself – I look at the books, The Harrogate Crime Series, lining the shelf and feel very proud.

I have two copies of each book, both sets have the same titles but there are two different covers and to some extent two different collections of words within. Why is that so?

A couple of years ago I was lucky to sign a one book contract with Bloodhound Books and that quickly turned into a three book and then a seven book deal. If someone had said that would be the case in 2016, I would have laughed. By 2019, all seven books had been accepted and I was commissioned to write a new crime series featuring a female detective and I was offered an advance for each book. However, circumstances prevented that happening and after careful consideration I was determined to take back control of my work and publish independently. For this to be a success I would need time, acquire new skills and a degree of ‘going over the top’ courage.

The advantage of this process was that I could now re-edit the books again and refresh them. I could add elements that I realised were missing from the first editions and I could work to design the book covers. It did, however, take longer than I had anticipated but I got there and now all seven books are available in both eBook and paperback format. The first five are also available as audiobooks narrated by the wonderful Nicholas Camm.

As the series title suggests, the books are set in Harrogate, Yorkshire, but I thrive on linking the crimes to some of the beautiful places within the Yorkshire Dales. I have never had to design a set for my work … nature has done that for me!

Book Eight, ‘Treble Clef’ was released this year and looking at the growing number of positive reviews it has been well received. May I take this opportunity to thank the readers of the series for making it a continued success.

Many years ago, I wrote my first novel entitled ‘Engulfed’. It was a novel I felt compelled to write and one I am extremely proud to add to my library. Late last year, after scripting eight books, I felt as though my writing skills had become more enhanced. I wanted to breathe new life into this specific work and so ‘Bridging the Gulf’ was re-written, edited and re-covered in the style of the Harrogate Series. It will be published on 7th August.

I have now started work on book nine of the Harrogate Series with a working title of ‘Threadbare’. I’m excited to be back writing and researching a new novel and I have a publication date of February in mind.

 Although the books are written as a series, I do work very hard to ensure that each could be read as a stand-alone. More information about my work can be found at: