Monday, 3 October 2011

My Gorgeous Guest - Stephen Richmond

As part of my special feature, here is the opening sentence from The Night Watcher, by Chris Longmuir
Chapter One - "Mist shrouded everything except for the Discovery’s skeletal masts pointing long bony fingers into the sky."

My gorgeous guest this week sitting around my pool is someone I have known for most of their life and what started of as a little boy’s love of tractors has turned into a professional passion.

Stephen Richmond and his business partner Jonathan Whitlam have written 6 books and produced 17 videos / DVDs on every aspect of farm machinery during the last one hundred years. Stephen and Jonathan regularly appear on local TV, local radio and in local newspapers as well as specialist magazines. These days they are regarded as experts on everything to do with farm machinery.
Come on Stephen it’s time for you to plough in and tell us more…..

“Thanks Pauline for having me sit round your pool today, though not quite sure I’ve got the right kit on, my chequered shirt, jeans and steel toe cap boots don’t quite fit the scene… *laughing* As you know, Jonathan and I both grew up in Suffolk near the most easterly point of the UK. Living in a small hamlet surrounded by arable farming, we watched 1970s farm equipment at work. From as long as I can remember, I was fascinated with tractors. Those early days were the beginning of an all-consuming passion for tractors that has grown into a small business -Tractor Barns Productions

“Our first book, Modern Tractors, was published in 1996 and was followed by 5 further books and several video productions. At the beginning of 2009 a decision was made to leave our agent and we launched Tractor Barns Productions. With our new company we now concentrate on producing our own high quality, interesting and informative DVD programmes.

“In 2010 we released our first DVD Working Tractors volume One followed by the first in the Farming Diaries series both of these have proved to be very popular. Our aim as tractor and farm machinery enthusiasts is to produce a full range of DVD programmes that celebrate vintage, classic and modern tractors along with the changes seen in farm equipment and machinery. Our latest DVD is due to be released later this year and is a fascinating look at the changes in how tractors have evolved since 1906. Titled, International Harvester Tractors: A Power on the Land1906-1985

“Last year we invested in a Showman’s Trailer. This is used to promote our books and DVDs and those of Old Pond Publishing - our official distributor - at various plough days, steam rallies, exhibitions and other events in the UK.

“Also in 2010 we achieved another important milestone with Tractor Barns Productions we became a fully fledged limited company.

“Still living in Suffolk we have now taken our passion of farming equipment further and now own a fleet of British built Fords, Marshall's and Leyland tractors dating from the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

“We have many ambitious plans for the future but these will take time to achieve, we both still have full time jobs, I have a young family of three, but our enthusiasm and commitment is full steam ahead and you can be certain there will be many more exciting productions coming in the future from Tractor Barns Productions.”

To find out more about all the books, videos and DVDs or buy any of these visit Tractors Barn Productions at

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MaureenAMiller said...

It's good to see Pauline has brought you over to the pool for cocktails, Stephen. She brings over such a diverse array of talent. I am happy to report that I now know where to go for any farm equipment questions. You are the source!!

JLB Creatives said...

Love this interview! It takes me right back home to the beautiful farmlands of the Midwest. Their talent in writing and creating videos is amazing. Thanks for bringing the smiles!

Vickie Adair said...

Great interview!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Maureen, glad I brought some help with your farm machinery needs...laugh! x

Hi Janet, thank you, there are two seriously talented guys. x

Hello Vickie, thanks for stopping by and your kind words. :) x

Talli Roland said...

Who doesn't love a good tractor?

Great interview!

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Talli.... laugh!
Thanks for stopping by.. xx