Sunday, 17 February 2013

Carnival, Radio Chat & Edits!!

This week has been a busy week in more ways than one, but it ended on a wonderful note. Saturday was the Carnival in Puerto Del Carmen and in tradition we went along, this year dressed as Chinese!

The carnival parade lasted around 3 hours and like every year it was a fabulous riot of colours and sound. We joined the fiesta on the Avenida and meandered amongst the spectators when suddenly we were stopped by the lovely Jerry Lefever and Sarah English who were broadcasting live for the carnival with Power FM radio. They invited me to have a quick chat about my costume and of course my books…. Thanks, you guys are the best!

But the carnival wasn’t the only celebratory ending to the week, my latest book, Storm Clouds Gathering went off to my wonderful editor, Jo Field. As always I have mixed emotions, one that makes me feel excited that I am another step closer to publication and the other a bag of nerves at what Jo will spot that I have missed!

Well, that's a snap shot of my week, I hope your week was a good one and one that made you smile.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabby week.



I love your costume!!! What an interesting week you've had. I can't wait to read Storm Clouds Gathering. x

Suzy Turner said...

You looked fantastic, Pauline!! And I HEART (!) the handbag!!
Good luck with Storm Clouds Gathering! xxx

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello JB Thank you and will let you know as soonas Storm Clouds Gathering is published. x

Hi Suzy, I love the bag too! xx