Monday, 1 July 2013

It's Now in Paperback!

At last I can shout, "it is in paperback." By this I mean, Storm Clouds Gathering!

Once again I have used FeedAread and although you have to do everything yourself, in other words they do not format your book, it is up to you to do all of this. Not too difficult as they provide, templates and step by step guidelines, which are easy enough to use. Then once your book is uploaded and you have agreed the final proof your book is then whizzed off into the stratosphere to Amazon and beyond where hopefully it will sell.

Already I have received my author's copy and I admit to doing a little jig around the house because it looked fabulous. The cover, which looks amazing on the paperback was designed by Cathy Helms and the feel and quality of the book is beautiful. I love my Kindle and that is where most of my book sales are, but to feel and smell a new book, especially one of my own, is wonderful.

Storm Clouds Gathering is now available in Kindle and paperback from all Amazon stores and paperbacks can be ordered from all High Street shops.


Suzy Turner said...

Congratulations, Pauline! It certainly looks like a hefty book... that's a thick spine ;)

Pauline Barclay said...

Suzy, it is a tomb of a book, but looks fab! Thanks for stopping by. xx