Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Lost Week!

Yesterday it was the Carnival for our town and it is always a fabulous spectacular event filled with colour, music and vibrant energy. Normally we would join in the fun dressed in an exotic costume, but this year sadly we did not go!

The weekend before was a mini triumph for me with the running of the 10.5km in the Music Marathon, but four days after the event I went down with a virus. From the joys of success to the lows of fighting an invader!

I can't remember being so cold and yet wearing so many clothes snuggled down with a hot water bottle in soft fluffy blankets. And if that wasn't enough, our Barney cuddled up to me - he's like a hot radiator. Even our hot sun had no impact on warming my body. It was hard to imagine how cold you could get especially when living in a warm / hot climate! Thankfully by the end of the week I began to return to the land of the living, though left with a hacking cough. I wouldn't mind but it sounds like a heavy smokers cough and I've never smoked! On a further down note, sadly Mr PB went down with the virus too!

As I post this, thankfully we are both on the mend and if the week goes to plan I'll manage to get back to writing. I admit I have missed chatting with my characters, though they did try talking to me, but with a head full of cotton wool it was impossible to communicate. But it didn't stop me from time to time plotting their next moves! Now as I go and catch up on my lost week, I wish you a wonderful week and I hope it will be filled with sunshine and laughter, and germ free!

 As always thanks for stopping by, please come back again soon!

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Rosalind Adam said...

Sorry to hear you've been so poorly. Hope you'll soon be bouncing and happy again :-)