Monday, 17 November 2014

A Lovely Review

No matter how many times I tell myself not to check if there are new reviews from readers for any of my books, I do! 

Knowing what a reader thinks about your work is important. As authors we write to produce an all absorbing story told in a way that will take the reader to a new world; a world that is escapism from the routine and worries of real life. So when a reader takes time to share what they think about your book, it makes me feel humbled and honoured. Today I saw a review for In the Cold Light of Day, one that made all the hard work of telling Bertie and Kitty Costain’s story rewarding.

The review can be found on Amazon co uk and here it is….

5 ***** Excellent Story…

I love Pauline Barclay's books, they offer so much variety and give the reader much to think about. This one was no exception, hence the five star review. Such a great story that I imagine is very true in many lives. Main character, Bertie, is a very frustrating, yet somewhat lovable rogue and you can't help but root for him. Whilst Kitty, his wife who is desperately in love with him, is completely unaware of her husband's other life. I find Kitty a particularly likeable character. It is very easy to imagine scenes and emotions in this book because the author has done a wonderful job with her descriptions. Another really enjoyable read from Pauline Barclay.

Thank you lovely reader and thank you for stopping by. Have a fabulous day and catch up again very soon.

Pauline x

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