Sunday, 16 January 2011

Blue Skies & Red Highlights!

I'm sorry I've not been my usual chatty self this last week. The days seem to be shorter, or am I just absorbing all the hours too quickly? As well as trying to keep up with all the things I do, I am also very busy with the editing of my third book. I have a wonderful new editor who is simply amazing. Her patience is boundless and I know with her help, my book will truly sparkle. It will take a little time to get to those final words, 'The End' as I  need to fit in so much else too. But I am loving the journey and I know it will be all worth it.

The weather here on our little pebble in the ocean is fantastic. We heard on the radio that the weather in December for the Canary's had been the best in 50 years. It certainly is amazing.

I am lucky to be able to sit outside and edit, of course our two doggies keep a close eye on what I am doing and are seldom very far away! Barney here is keeping an eye on everything and highlighting how beautiful the sky is.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Please or Tease!

I'm not sure if it is just me, but has the words please and thank you disappeared from our vocabulary? These are not only important words, but powerful words that can provoke huge contrast in emotions.  A simple dead can become one of sheer pleasure by hearing a please or a thank you. Whilst their absence can change that simple dead to one of regret and annoyance. As a child it was instilled into me the importance of manners. My mother used to tell me and my brothers and sister a wonderful little story about what happens when you don't say please.

"There was a little boy who wouldn't say please
he spoke to his mummy with such words as these
Give me the butter, pass me the cheese
Then the fairies this ruffian to tease
blow him away in a powerful breeze
over the mountains and over the seas
And there he remains until he learns to say please "

As a child I'd often wondered if he ever went home! Though today, I'm not sure how many children are living over the mountains and over the seas!