Saturday, 30 July 2016

A Cover Up!

I know I am a little early, but I just had to let you know that on Saturday 27th August the cover for The Wendy House will be revealed. Exciting!

To help reveal to as wide an audience as possible these fabby peeps are going to be sharing the cover on their Blogs or web sites or Facebook pages…

If you feel you could help with a shout out too, please let me know. I would be so grateful… thank you!

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

On Tour, Author Thorne Moore with The Unravelling

Today, I am delighted to be hosting one of Brook Cottage Books Tours so please meet Thorne Moore and find out about her latest book.



Genre: Domestic noir
Release Date: 21 July 2016
Publisher: Honno Press
From the Top Ten Bestselling Author of A Time for Silence

The Unravelling

When they were ten everybody wanted to be Serena’s friend, to find themselves one of the inner circle. But doing so meant proving your worth, and doing that often had consequences it’s not nice to think about – not even thirty-five years later.

Karen Rothwell is randomly reminded of an incident in her childhood which just as suddenly becomes an obsession. It takes her on a journey into a land of secrets and lies; it means finding that gang of girls from Marsh Green Junior School and most importantly of all finding Serena Whinn.

Praise for Thorne Moore’s novels

‘A true page turner’–

‘The most chilling part of Thorne Moore's skill is the way that she represents evil' – Helen Tozer, sideline jelly



Thorne Moore was born in Luton but has lived in in the back of beyond in north Pembrokeshire for 32 years. She has degrees in History and Law, worked in a library and ran a family restaurant as well as a miniature furniture craft business, which is still in Production, but she now concentrates on writing psychological crime mysteries.
Twitter: @ThorneMoore


My review:

Brilliant! I devoured this book. Beautifully written, frighteningly real, Ms Moore expertly takes the reader through the devastating labyrinth of a complete breakdown, a breakdown that started thirty five years ago. As Karen Rothwell slowly begins to try and unravel what had happened on that bleak January day in 1966 you find yourself caught up in a griping and chilling story of how young children can be swept into deceit and have no idea of the long term consequences of their actions.

A psycho-thriller that once you start you will not be able to put down.

Already recommended to my family and friends.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Coming Soon: Devils Porridge by Chris Longmuir

Today I am honoured and delighted to have a sneak preview on what is due out very soon from Chris Longmuir and I couldn’t help but share it with you too. I know you’ll keep it to yourself…. !

Murder, Mystery, and Munitions
"Policewoman Kirsty Campbell, and Belgian refugee Beatrice, join forces to follow a murderous trail that entangles them with saboteurs, Irish revolutionaries, a German spy, and a plot to assassinate the King.

More information soon on Chris's website - keep checking!


Historical books


Exciting times for Chris and as always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will return again soon. Until then, enjoy the sunny weather and I hope the sun is shinning on your face and in your heart.



Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sitting Round my Pool: Canadian Author Eileen Schuh

With her home in Canada, top selling author, Eileen Schuh is today sitting round my pool (virtually). I have known Eileen for the last seven years and during those years she has written some amazing books, which I have loved. Today, Eileen is going to talk about her latest baby, Shadow Riders, so please make yourself comfortable and enjoy meeting my lovely author friend.
When you have time and feel up to it, please tell me about your latest book.

My latest novel is SHADOW RIDERS, an adult crime thriller that is partially set in South Korea. But before we go any further, I must request you allow me to jump in your pool following this interview. As a girl from northern Canada, this Canary Island heat is unbearable and a dip in the pool, a must.

Of course, feel free to dip in any time, now where was I? Yes, what made you write Shadow Riders?

From the time I set foot in Seoul on a vacation ten years ago, I knew I wanted the great country of South Korea to be the setting for one of my novels. My muses obliged. As I toured the countryside, a cast of intense, devious characters appeared. They trailed me as I visited fishing villages, ancient palaces, class rooms and souvenir shops.

As I ate kimchi and sweated out Dak galbi, members of the Jackals biker gang at the next table were plotting dangerous, illegal, lucrative drug deals.
By the time I returned to Canada, I had a complete novel in my head and heart, just waiting to be typed.

What makes this such a powerful read?

Thank you for appreciating the power of the story. Although originally conceived and written as a simple crime thriller enhanced with the exotic locale of South Korea, it became something much more.

As the story evolved, Allison Montgomery, the victim of a violent kidnapping, became the voice for women everywhere who are trapped in abusive relationships. It is a voice we do not often hear that carries a message we’ve seldom been told. I think that’s what makes the story powerful.

Explain why SHADOW RIDERS was so difficult to write.

Although I have often said SHADOW RIDERS was the most difficult book I’ve ever written, writing it was actually easy. Getting readers, editors, publishers and even friends to like the story was the hard part. It took me ten years to hone the story and characters into a form that readers like.

It seems the voice of an abused woman is not a voice readers enjoy listening to. It was a challenge to incorporate that forbidden voice into the SHADOW RIDERS action in such a way that while enjoying the thrill of the story, readers would also hear and appreciate what Allie had to say.

The cover, is stunning, why did you choose this kind of theme?

Cathy Helms over at Avalon Graphics designed the cover for me. She did an awesome job. My part of the process is throwing words at Cathy...mood words, color words... Such as “SHADOW RIDERS is a dark story.” I tell her a bit about the plot, characters, the emotions involved, the setting. I let her know the genre.

A book cover isn’t there to tell a story, the cover is there to sell a story. We authors too often judge our covers by our books—if they don’t depict our stories the way we wrote them, we are unhappy. However, the best way to sell a book is to focus not on the characters and plot, but on the emotion—the more intense, the better.

And Avalon Graphics was bang on with the SHADOW RIDERS cover.

Tell us something about SHADOW RIDERS that no one else knows.

Cathy incorporated one of my own photos into the cover design. White rocks play an important role in the story and rocks also hold emotional and visual appeal. The rocks behind my name on the cover are from a photo of my landscaping that I sent her to illustrate what I had in mind.

 What more can we expect from you in the future?

Between visiting people with pools and fishing in my own northern Alberta lakes, I am working hard on OPERATION MAXTRACKER, the fourth novel in my BackTracker series. I’m doing final revisions and will soon send it off to the proof reader and start work on the cover.  I hope to have it out this fall.
Now...can I set down my glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and dive into your pool?

A huge thank you Eileen for travelling all the way from Canada (virtual) to sit round my pool and talk about Shadow Riders, now enjoy a cool dip.

And, thank you my lovely visitors for stopping by and learning about Eileen’s latest book, I hope you will enjoy the read.

I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Still Legging It & Creating It!

The date for my cover release is now agreed and the first concepts of the cover are now with me.  I can tell you it looks stunning and I really can't wait to share it with you, but for now I must keep mum! In the meantime, I am still running.

Last night, I ran 10 kms / 6.21 miles across the cliff tops, including up and down a Barrnaca! It was a tad warm at 29.4 C / 85 F.

Away from writing and running, I'm still faffing with my Photoshop and with the holiday season now in full flow, last weekend, I designed these two posters to promote a couple of my five books.

Well that's all the news for now, thank you for stopping by and I hope you will return again soon. Until then, enjoy the sunny weather.



Thursday, 14 July 2016

Sitting Round My Pool: Madalyn Morgan talking about The 9:45 to Bletchley

Today, I have the lovely, Madalyn Morgan sitting round my pool talking about her latest book, best seller, The 9:45 To Bletchley. The cover as you will see is stunning and having read the book, I can tell you, it is a great read filled with twists and turns whilst opening a window that let's us have a peek at everyday life in war torn Britain. 
Now my lovely friend, the stage is all yours...

"Thank you for inviting me onto your fabulous Blog, Pauline. The first time we did this was in 2014 when we talked about Foxden Acres and Applause.  Last October you invited me to sit round your pool and chat about, China Blue, and today it’s The 9:45 To Bletchley." 

The Dudley Sisters Saga
The 9:45 To Bletchley is Ena Dudley’s story

When German bombers pass over Lowarth on their way to bomb Coventry, Ena Dudley’s first thought is to shield her important war work. She only realises how vital her work is when she is called upon to deliver it to Bletchley Park. Some months later, on her regular 9.45 train to Bletchley, Ena is attacked and her work stolen. When those she cares about are accused of being involved, she investigates, not knowing whom she can trust. While trying to clear her name, Ena falls in love.

Reviews incl.

“A breath taking new novel”
“Drama, romance, tension and tears, this novel has it all!”
“Strong Voices and a Compelling Narrative”
“The 9-45 to Bletchley is a must read!”

Now a little info about Madalyn Morgan

Madalyn has been an actress for more than thirty years working in repertory theatre, the West End, film and television. She is a radio presenter and journalist, writing articles for newspapers and magazines.
     Madalyn was brought up in a busy working class pub in a market town in Leicestershire. “The pub was a great place for an aspiring actress and writer to live. There were so many characters to study and accents learn.” At twenty-four Madalyn gave up a successful hairdressing salon and wig-hire business for a place at East 15 Drama College, and a career as an actress.
     In 2000, with fewer parts available for older actresses, Madalyn learned to touch type, completed a two-year course with The Writer's Bureau, and began writing. After living in London for thirty-six years, she has returned to her home town of Lutterworth, swapping two window boxes and a mortgage for a garden and the freedom to write.
     Madalyn is currently writing the fifth novel in the Dudley Sisters Saga, The Foxden Hotel.

More great reads by Madalyn Morgan:

The Dudley Sisters Saga came about after talking to my mother about the Second World War. Mum told me about her home life, the work she did in the factory, and the local dances she went to. Mum and her friends cycled for miles in the blackout to go dancing. Every village had a village-hall, and every hall held a dance on Friday and Saturday nights. Life was hard; often heart breaking, but it was also fun. People ‘made the best of it’ they had to. 
     With too many ideas for one novel, I plotted four. Four sisters, four jobs, four loves.

And finally...

"I am plotting the fifth, and probably the final novel in the Dudley Sisters Saga. The Foxden Hotel begins on New Year’s Eve, ten years after the first novel, Foxden Acres. The Foxden Hotel brings the Dudley sisters, Bess, Margot, Claire, and Ena together with family and friends who feature in their individual stories.
     On the night of the hotel’s grand opening, an enemy from the war-years gatecrashes the celebrations. The sisters and several of their guests recognise him, which leads to disastrous consequences."

To find out more about Madalyn Morgan online please visit:


Actress & Writer website:

Thank you for calling by and do come back soon as I have a pirate inviting himself to lounge round my pool, and if that is not enough, I have some exciting news too!



Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Chilling Thrilling for 99p / 99c

My lovely author friend, Chris Longmuir has one of her chilling thrilling books on special price this week so if you love a sitting on the edge of your seat thriller, then do please take a peek at Night Watcher.

Special price, this week only for Night Watcher – Book 1 of the Dundee Crime Series.
Buy now for 99c/99p  –  Amazon Kindle ebook
Offer ends at midnight on Sunday 17th July 2016

Evil stalks the streets of Dundee
A dark compelling novel of revenge, obsession, and murder

Two stalkers
Julie – a woman with revenge on her mind.
The Night Watcher – a psychopathic killer with a mission

One target
Nicole – an unfaithful woman with a weakness for other women’s husbands.
Will Julie’s mind games drive Nicole over the edge into madness?
Or will Nicole pay the ultimate price for her sins?
And what will happen when the Night Watcher turns his attention to Julie?

DS Bill Murphy must find the killer before he kills again.


Saturday, 9 July 2016

Signed Up!

Thinking I spend too much time on social media, I can't believe that I have signed up with Instagram! And, I must say it is easy and friendly to use. 

Having a passion for taking photos and playing with my Photoshop it is a perfect platform to share some of these with peeps. 

I have already linked up with some lovely old friends and maybe I'll see you there too. I do hope so!

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend and let's catch up again very soon.



Thursday, 7 July 2016

Update on my Latest Book - The Wendy House

My latest book, The Wendy House, working title, has given me more than my share of headaches as well as plunging me into depths of despair. At one point, I found I could no longer continue with it and left it alone, yet from my laptop it continued to call out to me to reread and continue editing. In the end I sat down, initially for a few minutes, then maybe an hour until I sat down for hours and hours until I had rewritten every chapter several times.

After writing the end for the second time, I sent a copy to a friend I knew would be brutally honest. I had nothing to lose having lost my will to live for so long. A few days later I received a phone call ... "It is the best book you have ever written, I loved all the others, but The Wendy House is beautifully written and painfully sad, I couldn't put it down."

Taken aback at such words, I then asked my old editor, Jo Field (now retired) if she would cast her professional eye over The Wendy House, Jo knows me and my style (having edited all previous five books) so I know she will be honest and guide me to bring my book to the best it can be. This morning, just four days after sending Jo a copy, I received this email... "I agree with your friend: I think this is the best you’ve ever written. I am finding it thoroughly engrossing and hard to put down. There are necessarily a few minor errors that require copy-editing, but I am only part way through (Chapter 16), so won’t give you my over-all comments until I have finished, but rest assured, thus far there is no indication that it will require any re-writing. I think you are immensely brave to tackle this very difficult subject and in such a clever way. "

It made me cry and although I know there is still much polishing to do to make The Wendy House as perfect as possible, at last I feel that all the hours I've worked, all the tears I've shed with frustration and all the anger I've focused on myself, maybe after all, it has been worth it.

Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to me because it is down to you that I write.
Catch up again very soon.



Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fun with Posters Day 3

Emotional, passionate moving stories where characters sit at your side, steal your attention and sweep you up in to their lives. Stories that will bring tears to your eyes, have you laughing out loud and sometimes, what they share with you, will stay  in your hearts for a very long time.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Fun With Posters Day 2

Day 2 of  Fun with Posters

Sometimes emotion spill from the pages...

An emotional portrait of the deep friendships between three women, as they navigate their respective romantic relationships and family life. I was particularly impressed with Barclay's depiction of England in the 1960s, especially with her references to women's rights and the educational system.

Available in Kindle and paperback from 
ALL Amazon sites

Amazon com

Thanks for stopping by and see you here again soon.


Friday, 1 July 2016

Fun with Posters Day 1

When I'm not writing or running, I design my own posters. Designed to be fun and eye catching so for the next few days, I plan to share a few with you... I hope you enjoy them as much as I did designing them.

Trying to win it all back was just the beginning...

Available in Kindle and paperback from all Amazon sites