Wednesday, 30 August 2017

FIVE Stars for In the Cold Light of Day

What a lovely surprise I had when I went into Amazon today and saw a new 5 star review for In the Cold Light of Day.

"Great story! And as with all of Ms.Barclay's books, you can't put them down! This kind of situation could happen to anyone, which makes it even more compelling. You really feel and sympathize for each character. Well done!!"

In the Cold Light of Day is available from ALL Amazon sites in
Kindle and paperback

Monday, 14 August 2017

Readers' Award for The Wendy House

The Wendy House has received another Award. This time a Readers' Award from Chill with a Book.

What the readers at Chill with a Book had to say about my latest book, The Wendy House...

"What a wonderful read 260 pages read in the blink of an eye. A truly heart-breaking story that took us into the mind of a child terrified to tell of her abuser as she believed she would be the one blamed."

'I just couldn't put it down..."

"Talk about a "page turner"!  My God, this book is tremendous! 

"I've never read a book so fast; I like to read slowly and thoroughly. But I can't put this book down!"

The Wendy House is available in Kindle and paperback from ALL Amazon sites.

Pauline at Amazon

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Shades on it's Summer

It's hazy lazy days of summer and I hope you are having fun in the sun! Today, I am going to share a few summery posters to keep you in the holiday mood, so sit back, chill with a book and grab a glass of something cool ... cheers!

All six book are available in Kindle and paperback from All Amazon sites

Kindle copies are just £1.99 for...

The Wendy House is just £2.99

Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Another 5 STAR for Storm Clouds Gathering

I am always excited when I receive an email of a review for one of my books, it somehow makes all the hard work, tears, and yes there are plenty of those at times too, worthwhile. 

Yesterday, I saw this wonderful 5 STAR review on Amazon for Storm Clouds Gathering... thank you lovely reader for reading my book and for taking time to share your thoughts.

This is the third book of Ms. Barclay's that I have read, and like the other two (The Wendy House, Magnolia House), this is a real page turner! Couldn't put it down! As the title suggests- there is a storm brewing, but Ms.Barclay sets up the story in a calm peaceful way. Then the lives of these characters start to unravel. There is much emotion throughout the story, and like another reviewer said: the book stays with you.
Congratulations, Ms.Barclay on another excellent story!

Storm Clouds Gathering is available in Kindle and paperback from all Amazon sites