Monday, 13 September 2010

A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday, Sunday, we decided to treat ourselves to an English breakfast. There is a little restaurant on the seafront in Matagorda that does a lovely one, so with the doggies walked and fed, we left them in charge and off we went.

After eating our breakfast we walked along the seafront, it was hot and with little or no breeze we were soon glowing! The seafront at Matagorda is wonderful. There are no cars and plenty of room for walking, cycling or roller blading. As we approached the Hotel Beatriz we saw a few people having a little workout on the new sports equipment that has been installed on the seafront. There is something for everyone here, cycling, twisting, weightlifting and much more.

On the beach there are people enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and being Sunday, many locals like to spend the day with their families on the beach. The sand is soft and fine and the sea clear and warm. And as we stroll along, we have the rich blue sea to one side and the beautiful volcanic mountains in the distance on the other. The island is very stark this time of the year, as this particular part of the island has had no rain for six months. This is normal!

Now having walked off our breakfast, enjoyed the tranquillity of our walk along the seafront, we climb back in to our car and head for home.


Chris Stovell said...

Oh, it's like the end of the world here at the moment; pouring rain and howling wind!

Pauline Barclay said...

Oh dear Chris, let me send some of our weather to you. Hope it arrives very soon. As always, thanks for calling by. Hugs x

Sarah Callejo said...

We were on the Spanish coast a week ago and we enjoyed our English breakfast too. It's become a tradition in our holidays. It's such a pleasure to to eat breakfast at leisure (oooh I'm a poet!).

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Sarah thanks for calling by and yes we do treat ourselves occassionaly to an English breakfast, but we also love the tapas we have here too.