Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Poster: Simply Dreaming.....

As part of my 2012 theme, I am designing a poster for each month and today I can reveal the poster for March!

I took this photograph as the dawn was breaking over the ocean in Puerto del Carmen. I've used the words, Simply Dreaming because it conjures up so many thoughts, but what words would you use?


AngelJane said...

Just a quick visit to advise you, I’m about to make an announcement on my Blog It’s in connection with an award that's presented to 5 favourite blogs who have less than 200 followers... the aim is to highlight favourite blogs and hopefully bring more traffic.

I’m awarding you ‘The Liebster Award’ for being one of my most favourite blogs and sharing so much interesting stuff with me.
Namaste :)

Rosalind Adam said...

What a beautiful photograph. You've captured an atmosphere of complete tranquillity. I can't think of a better tagline than the one you've used and I want to be on that beach!