Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Makeover for Magnolia House

Lots of exciting things are happen with my books, but before I launch into what I am about to show you, I want to tell about the new little extra I will be adding to all my Blogs in the next few months. We writers all need a little help from time to time and to this end, I will be adding to every Blog the opening sentence from a chapter of a book. Any author can be included. To do so, please leave your email address in the comments or visit my web site, to see my email address and email's that simple!

My first opening sentence comes from Bagpipes & Bullshot by Janice Horton - Chapter One.... In a hamlet nestling within the hills of Southern Scotland, August sunshine filtered through the pine trees surrounding the old house known locally as Glencorrie, encouraging ivy and wisteria to climb the ancient walls, securing unstable chimneystacks, and binding together dangerously loose stonework.

Now to the news I am so excited to share with fabby new cover for Magnolia House.
As you know, along with my lovely editor, Jo Field we have re-edited and re-polished this book and now, thanks to Cathy at Avalon Graphics, my Magnolia House  has a new look. Magnolia House already has 11 x 5 star reviews on Amazon and it will still make you cry as well as give you that feel good feeling. Magnolia House will be re-published in October, of course I will be telling you all about the date very soon. So to the cover, I love it, but what do you think?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Sunny Smiles & Friendly Awards

I'm smiling today because I have received a Friendly Blogger Award from the lovely Rosalind Adam. I met Ros through Blogging and Twittering and during the last couple of years, I have come to think of this lady as a special friend. She has the most amazing Blog, updated regularly and is filled with smiles, laughter and occasionally tears, but always interesting and heart warming.Those who visit Ros's Blog will know exactly what I am talking about. If not please take a peek!

Now I have this superduper award, I am going to pass it on to some special people who make life shine no matter what is happening. These people take time to chat to me, comment on my Blog and remind me I am not alone in the world. I love having visitors and many of you who visit and comment have become friends. Making the sunshine on a dull day, seeing the stars shine despite the clouds and making eyes twinkle with laughter is what makes our world a better place to be.

Drum role please, here are the names who deserve the Friendly Blogger Award

Linn B Halton
Shirley Wells
Debs Carr
Janice Horton
Eileen Schuh
Talli Roland
Janet Beasley
Kit Domino
Liz Fichera
Nikki Bywater
Wendy Soliman

Award rules: Send this award to about 10 people who regularly comment on your blog. A link back to my blog would be fabby too.....

...and don't forget to keeeeeep coming back and commenting!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Lanzarote to Lowestoft

Not sure if I've been missed, but I've had a 7 day social media silence, no Twitter, no Facebook and only the most essential emails have I answered and all because of our surprise trip to the UK.

This last week has been hectic and emotional. For the last six weeks I had been quietly organising a trip back to the UK, we told no one as we wanted to surprise my parents. With a fantastic doggy sitter able to look after our two rescue doggies, we left our little pebble in the ocean and flew back to the UK.

My parents live in a village just outside Lowestoft (Lowestoft is the most easterly place in the UK), we arrived at our hotel late Thursday evening and after a restless night, because I could not stop thinking about the surprise we had in store, we quickly breakfasted and waited for the taxi to take us to my mum and dads. Oh my my, so many tears and lots of hugs - we rang the door bell and as dad answered the door, we chimed, "we thought we'd surprise you," dad swept me into his arms tears streamed down our faces and a lump in my throat threatened to choke me..... it was very emotional for all of us.

The week raced by in a flash as we caught up with family and friends with lots of laugh and many tears. We ate far to much and red wine flowed as if it was going out of fashion. The weather was amazing, warm, dry and sunny - on Tuesday in the deep shade in my parent's garden the temps registered 22c.....!

We shopped in the mega supermarkets, Asda being the nearest to my parents and our hotel. The choice was mind blowing and the service breathtaking, we bought so many things, thank goodness we travelled to the UK light!

But before we could draw breath we were back in the car for the two hour journey to Stanstead to fly back home. It was difficult having to leave everyone behind, needless to say, there have been many more tears.

The whole week went amazingly smoothly thanks to all the staff at the Victoria Hotel in Lowestoft who made our stay there fantastic. Also special thanks to Atlas Taxi Service in Lowestoft, especially Ian and Sue for providing a first class and friendly service. They helped to make our special week, special!

We are back on our little island, the weather that greeted us was overcast, hot and with rain this morning. Our doggies were overjoyed to see us and have not left our side since collecting them. It feels good to be home, but oh my my I'm filled with emotions...!
Will we go back to live in the UK? Probably not, but it was good to go back.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If I Could be Anyone I'd Be....

Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind.... a book I truly love! Why Scarlett, because I love her sassyness, her independence and at the same time her passion for Rhett Butler. Those were dark days, but they were also elegant and privileged days for someone of Scarlett O'Hara's standing.

No doubt you are wondering why I'm twittering on about who I would like to be for the day, well it is all part of Talli Roland's release party for her latest book, Watching Willow Watts.
So, if you could be anyone for the day, who would it be? Do tell!

Congratulations to Talli, fabby person and fabby writer....sell zillions!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

This & That!

What a week is has been, for a start it is sizzling hot down here, temps in the low 30c and that is in the shade!

Before I get too carried away, I want to welcome Susan Livingstone another Associate Reader at, who has added her name to my list of fabby Associate Readers, I now have 6 great ARs. Please go along to her Blog, across the pond, and say, hi!

This week (Thursday 8th) is publication day for fellow author at Sue Watson with her debut novel, Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes. You can read all about Sue on her author page at

Putting on my editor hat, I've written another edition of The Fizz, so if you have time please stroll along and see what or who I've been gossiping about this week!

The other day I read Lou Graham's wonderful review on Satchfield Hall and I admit to crying... sob! You can read why I needed a tissue or two

Today, I saw another new 5 star review on Amazon for Sometimes It Happens.... Thank you Dot from the UK.

In between everything else, I've been busy editing with my wonderful editor, Jo Field. We are storming through Magnolia House. My lovely story is still the same, my characters have not changed, but it now has Jo's special sparkle.
Very soon I will revealing a new cover design ready for the re-laucnh later this year.

That's it folks, as alwasy, big thanks for stopping by, I love to see you and I hope this time, I've not bored you to sleep.... yawn! I'm away to edit!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Love of Life - Janet Beasley

Don and Janet with their Bichon Frise

This week siting around my pool all the way from Florida is Janet Beasley: Epic Fantasy Author.We are so seriously international here. Welcome Janet, make yourself comfy and help yourself to my bubbly and nibbles!

Janet was raised in the mid-western state of Ohio in the once Norman Rockwell setting of the small town Beavercreek, and now resides in Florida where she enjoys writing, reading, kayking, hiking, and scenic nature photography with her knight in shining armor, her husband Don. They have been married 31 years and have one kid...well, they call him a kid...a loveable Bichon Frise. They also enjoy spending their summers in Michigan's U.P. in their quaint cabin nestled deep in the north woods on Lake Superior.

Ohio nostalgia - a well known intersection
near the town where Janet grew up

It is all yours Janet, so take it away!

"Cheers Pauline, my my this is so quaint compared to back home, but gorgeous and your kids, like mine are so cute! I can hear you asking why epic fantasy for a 50 year old named Janet? If you know me that's an easy question to answer...if you don't know me then it could be a little more difficult, so let me fill you in.

Ohio farmland (not Janet's - just a landscape
shot from near her old house)

I have been involved in theater, dance, event production, and technical theater production (audio, lighting, and special effects) since the age of 5. These were my first outlets for my creativity. (And I was quite successful I might ad). I have spoken at international conferences, developed seminars and training classes, written articles for trade specific magazines, and helped many technicians and drama directors get through not only their productions - but life in general when it comes to the stress of the job. As my life progressed I faced challenges that would have brought most of us to a screeching halt. But becoming a victim to stacking chronic illnesses which lead to having to give up on productions and the closing of my "Bark-ery"/Bakery due to physical restraints, surviving 5 hurricanes, suffering through many of life's hardships (death of loved ones, putting a dear pet to sleep, financial ruin, sharing the duties with my father of caring for the sweetest mother in the world 24/7 who is a diabetic facing dementia, and the list goes on), and never learning how to read and comprehend a story until the age of 48, believe it or not, it hasn'tstopped me.

Sunset through the palm frawns at
Don and Janet's house in FL

I am not a quitter...especially when it comes to utilizing my creative imagination. I claim it was the hardships that brought me to discover the world of fantasy writing. A self made goal in the midst of these trials was successfully completing a science fiction/fantasy writing course through Gotham Writer's Workshop. From this I have found a passion that no one or nothing can quench. I have now moved on to entering the writing world as one of the most creative authors waiting in the wings to be discovered.

When asked to be a part of I was humbled and secretly wondered, "What the heck? I don't have those kind of credentials." But when I stopped to consider the name, Love A Happy Ending, I realized I was right where I needed to be! My main focus in writing epic fantasy novels which I guess is to present an "escape" to those facing hardships and longing to forget about their circumstances for a while to discover a world where I hope everyone would want to live. You're probably asking yourself...what world? Well let me tell it would be Maycly - Volume 1.Maycly is a  6 volume epic fantasy series titled Hidden Earth.

You see, my goals in life, other than writing, is to bring a smile to at least one person's face a day. And in return, I've found that the new family returns the favor with much love and encouragement. I couldn't be happier."

You can watch Janet's amazing video on youtube to meet and discover this epic novel series just click on the link

Don paddling his kayak into the sunset
in front of our Michigan cabin

Hidden Earth" - Volume 1 "Maycly is currently out on submission to a publisher.
Janet continues to work diligently on the next 5 novels while waiting to hear the grand word "Accepted" so the editing process can begin and the novel finally reaches publication. She and her sister make quite the epic fantasy team, with Janet being the creative force and author, and her sister Darlene Bagby being Janet's full time illustrator and proof reader.
If Janet could live in a fantasy world, I asked her what it would be like.
Without hesitation she answered:

The living room of our log cabin
in Michigan's U.P.

 "My log cabin (with a hot tub on the porch and a fireplace in the gathering room) would be built rather far off a dirt road where tame wildlife is abundant. My bed and pillow would be so soft I'd sink ever so deeply encasing myself in the fluffiness. The continuous aroma of a north woods forest and plumerias combined would float on the breeze. The trees would never lose their leaves, only change to brilliant colors in autumn then back to green in summer. Flowers would grow in whimsical bouquets. Spider webs with dew drops would be my jewelery. Clear water rivers would run effortlessly through the land (the absolute best for kayaking) ending up in calm lakes lined with stately trees and foliage for water fowl to build their nests. Fluorescent illuminated aquatic species and plants would bring light from the depths to the top of the waters. There would be a dock at the end of every path that leads to the water's edge. At the end of each dock would be a few log chairs with plush seat pads and a table to place a drink. There would be a magic wand on each dock table too - just for creating fireworks or auroras in the evening skies. Sounds of numerous waterfalls of every size toppling from mogul hills and mountain tops would tickle the ears. Snow would never be cold. Birds would land in my hand singing their songs, and I would understand their words. The sky would be pink, purple, blue, amber, and gold. The twin suns would warm my bones during the day, and the three moons would tell me it's time for bed at night as they swooned me with their vocal lullabies. Sprites would be my daily guides through the woods. Fireflies would light my path in the evening. Of course my family and friends would be welcome anytime and could stay as long as they'd like. I would have my soul mate Don and canine companions by my side. Let's see, did I forget anything? Oh yeah...and there would be an endless supply of chocolate and sweet berries."

I hope you are like me, keeping everything crossed for Janet's fantasy book Maycly appearing soon. If it reads anything like above, it will be awesome!
Janet is an amazing photographer and all the photos in this Blog are taken by her!
Please visit Janet's web


Friday, 2 September 2011


As most of you who follow my Blog know that for my third book, Sometimes It Happens... I had the amazing author Helen Hollick as my mentor and editor. Seeing how this book shines, I now want to revisit my first two books Magnolia House and Satchfield Hall and give them that extra sparkle to equal my latest book. So despite 11 five star reviews for Magnolia House and 7 for Satchfield Hall I have decided re re-edit and re-polish these book. I am delighted to be able to tell you that Jo Field (New Writers UK) has taken me under her wing for these books, Helen's commitments are too great for us to work together at the moment, but we will again!

Jo is well respected in the publishing world dealing with many well known authors, so I am honoured and nervous in equal measures, but I know it is going to be an exciting, if not a busy few months ahead for me.

Both books will have new covers from Avalon Graphics and each one will be re-launched later this year.
Of course, I will keep you updated on know me, not one to keep quiet...laugh!

Already I have reviewers who will review or re-review Magnolia House and Satchfield Hall when the new editions are published. Thank you everyone that is fab!

Update on progress and covers to follow soon!

Image by Rawich