Thursday 11 July 2013

The Hippie Shake with Rosemary A Smith

As my latest book, Storm Clouds Gathering is set in 1965 I thought it would be great fun to take a peek at that amazing era. This week Author, Rosemary A Smith joins The Hippie Shake and shares some of the memories and pics that represent that wonderful era, the 1960’s.

Memories of the 1960s

There are many memories I have of the 1960s, which are imprinted on my mind forever. They were happy, carefree days and I treasure the memories I have, which  I’d love to share with you now.

Miners pale, pink lipstick and black eye shadow. Always bought from the make-up counter at Woolworths. Thick, yellow hairspray in plastic spray bottles, which when used ran down the side of the plastic bottle, congealing to a hard yellow blob! Lord knows what it did to our hair! I used to drive my mother mad in the morning, always using her dressing table mirror to see better to backcomb my hair, spraying the dreaded hairspray on her lovely dressing table! I can see now why she was cross!

Bouffant hairdos, coffee shops with not a sign of booze! Just coffee, milkshakes, and the jukebox. How I loved Do You Wanna Dance sung by Cliff Richard.
Then there was the miniskirts! Oh yes, really short! One old lady used to tell me to pull my hemline down or I’d suffer with my kidneys later in life!  White plastic boots reaching above our knees, not quite meeting the hemline of our miniskirt! And how I loved the spotted dresses, skirts and tops. Stiletto heels with pointed toe shoes. I used to struggle along the pavement at the seafront, too vain not to be dressed up. My bouffant hairdo being saved by a flimsy colourful scarf.

Sitting in the back row at the cinema with a young man. Kissing most of the way through the film (Oh yes we did ladies, don’t deny it!) And then sitting through another performance doing exactly the same.

Earning £1.17s.6d for a weeks work. Young people today would never believe it! Steam trains, the arrival of wimpy bars, the advent of 45rpm records costing £4s.6d.

As Mary Hopkins used to sing ‘Those Were The Days’ Oh yes they were. I’m always nostalgic for those times, and wish I could be transported back for just one day.

A little about Rosemary

I was born in London, and moved to Devon with my family in 1959. I have always been an avid reader since I was 7 years old, when I read Enid Blyton’s ‘Secret Island’. I’ve still got a copy now. This book gave me my love of mystery.
I am an incurable romantic! And love images of past times. Especially liking the Victorian Era, and the beautiful dresses ladies used to wear then.

My writing started in 2003 after I’d had a brain tumour removed. The neuro-surgeon suggesting I keep my brain active. But I don’t think writing a novella was what he had in mind!

My first Victorian Romantic Suspense novella was The Amethyst Brooch. I’d not set out to have it published, but a friend of mine who typed it up said I must send it somewhere, and I didn’t look back after that.

Six more novellas followed, which in turn have gone into large print with Ulverscroft, in their Linford Romance Library. The latest being The Butterfly Dance, which I believe is still available.

I live in a lovely chocolate box village in Devon, with my husband, and our black retriever Alfie. Sadly my eldest daughter, Paula, lost her 2year battle with cancer last November. We have two other daughters between us, with 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, who is a joy.

I’m so pleased I started writing, and through the writing I have made some wonderful friends. What would we do without books! …

One of the many of Rosemary's Books

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Rosemary's Links

If you would like to share a memory from the 1960's please leave a comment below so that I ca get in touch with you.

Thanks Rosemary for coming along and sharing your wonderful memories.


Rosalind Adam said...

The lipstick was called Baby Pink, right? And you had to spit onto the mascara block to make it work. Sigh. Those were the days, my friend...

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Ros, thanks so much for popping by. Spitting on the mascara block, oh yes!

Gilli Allan said...

I loved those very very pale pink lipsticks in the early 60s, but by the end I had one that was nearly black from Biba! And do you remember Fire and Ice? It was my favourite (obviously cheap)perfume. By the early 70s i was working for Revlon and we were told very firmly NOT to spit into mascara or those solid eye-shadow palettes as there could well be traces of food in your mouth, which could set up an allergy or infection!

Unknown said...

Wonderful times indeed. My first job was as a Woolies Saturday girl in the 60s and we'd pull straws to be on make-up although my fav was being on the record counter! So remember the Hippy Hippy Shake but now it's hippy hippy ache, too much rock and roll, - feel a new one coming on. Fab memories, Rosemary

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Gilli, thanks for sharing your fab memories too.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Kit, Woollies and their record counter, pick n mix and the broken biscuits :)

Margaret James said...

What a great post, Rosy, and what an inspiration you are to us all!

Unknown said...

Great Blog. Love Hippy, Hippy, Shake. Brings back so many wonderful memories. I also earned £1.17s 6d a week - and out of that I paid 2/-6d NI. x

Rosemary Ann Smith said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments.
I'm so pleased you enjoyed the memories. Yes! I think the miners lipstick was called Baby Pink Rosalind! And Madalyn, it is interesting to know you earnt the same weekly wage as me! But I honestly can't remember anything about the NI contribution! All I can remember is giving my mother 10s a week... Rosemary

Unknown said...

What a lovely blogpost! Brought back so many memories. I used to work in Woolworths on a Saturday, wore mini skirts or "belts" as my dad used to say. Radio 1 blaring out on the school bus, first drink of Bulmers Cider when I was 14- big mistake!!!! No pocket money for two weeks after that incident! Loved the music, the clothes, great era.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Another great nostalgic post! Love these memories.

caz greenham said...

Back in the sixties, my mum was a very proud Supervisor in Woolworths - great uniform, I recall. Pick n mix, broken biscuits, great times