Monday, 19 October 2015

Chris Longmuir Sitting Round My Pool

Crime Writer and author of the Dundee Crime series, a lovely person I'm honoured to have as a friend, meet the talented Chris Longmuir

Describe yourself in three words

Imaginative, curious, workaholic

Favourite food in no more than 10 words

Sweet and sour chicken followed by banana fritters and syrup

Favourite colour in no more than 10 words

Red. It is warm, vibrant, with a suggestion of danger

Q4 Favourite place to visit in no more than 10 words

A cabin on the Orient Express to Venice

How many books are published under your name

Five novels, a series box set, and one non-fiction book. I also have two books of short stories but I don’t count those as they are ebook only.

List of titles:

Night Watcher
Dead Wood
Missing Believed Dead
Dundee Crime Series Box Set
The Death Game
A Salt Splashed Cradle
Crime Fiction and the Indie Contribution

Blurb from Dead Wood

What happens when the cold, calculating world of gangland retribution collides with the psychosis of a killer.

Kara owes money to Dundee gangster Tony and takes to the streets to earn the cash. She narrowly escapes the clutches of a killer on the prowl, but stumbles across the bodies of his other victims. Hunted by the serial killer and the gangsters, Kara goes on the run.

DS Bill Murphy teams up with newcomer, DC Louise Walker in the murder investigation. But Murphy is heading for a breakdown and it is up to Louise to catch the killer.

Tony’s daughter is one of the murder victims and he vows revenge.

Who will find the killer first?

And what kind of justice will prevail.

Buying links to all books can be found on the book page of my web site:

Thanks for popping along and meeting today's guest, please come back tomorrow for another super peep and more sunshine!

Pauline x


Chris Longmuir said...

Glad to be here, Pauline. It's lovely to relax in the virtual sunshine.

Pauline Barclay said...

And it great to have you here Chris, and the sun is shinning in between these heavy showers! x