Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Gilli Allan Sitting Round My Pool

Today making a splash round my pool is not only an amazing author, but a talented illustrator, please meet Gilli Allan.

Describe yourself in three words.

Fair. Stubborn. Creative.

Favourite Food in no more than 10 words.
Savoury rather than sweet. Scallops, crab sandwiches and Rogan Josh

Favourite colour in more than 10 words.
The colour of sun, sand, daffodils - yellow, because it’s uplifting.

Favourite place to visit on no more than 10 words.
Nostalgia for childhood makes me choose Cornwall. Love its coastline.

How many books are published under your name?
5 written. (1 illustrated)

List their titles

Just Before Dawn. Desires & Dreams. Torn. Fly or Fall. Life Class. (I illustrated The Tale of King Harald - The Last Viking Adventure)

Provide the blurb from one book
Four people hide secrets from the world and from themselves. Dory is disillusioned by men and relationships, having seen the damage sex can do.  Her sister, Fran, deals with her mid-life crisis by pursuing an on-line flirtation which turns threatening. Dominic is a lost boy, trapped in a life heading for self-destruction.  Stefan feels a failure. He searches for validation through his art alone.
They meet regularly at a life-drawing class, led by sculptor Stefan. All want a life that is different from the one they have, but all have made mistakes they know they cannot escape. They must uncover the past – and the truths that come with it - before they can make sense of the present and navigate a new path into the future.

 Just Before Dawn and Desires & Dreams are not realistically available)

TORN: (universal) 

FLY OR FALL: (universal) 

The Tale of King Harald - The Last Viking Adventure


Thanks for popping along and meeting today's guest, please come back tomorrow for another super peep and more sunshine!

Pauline x


Gilli Allan said...

Thanks for having me, Pauline. I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment so the opportunity to lie in the sun, by the lapping turquoise water of your pool (revealing all), is very welcome! Gillix

Pauline Barclay said...

It great having you here Gilli and I hope you are feeling little more sunny :) x