Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Gold Medal from Earthathon!

As most of you know I love to go out for a run To me running is therapeutic; it lets my mind settle and helps it focus on what really is important. Unfortunately, I’m a natural worrier and fretter, and, far too often I allow things, events and people to get to me. Running puts things back into perspective and leaves me feeling great.

For a number of years I have been friends with the lovely, Chris Stovell, author and my “virtual” running buddy. You can read how Chris’ running is to help raise funds and awareness of pancreatic cancer by clicking here. Earlier this year, Chris introduced me to #earthathon. This is an online site that is dedicated to getting people out there, running, walking and, if necessary, crawling! And, to make doing all this exciting, they have a challenge each year, and that is to run round the planet… not individually, though some runners pack the miles in! No, it is a relay and this year there are eleven teams competing to be first round the planet, a total of 25,000 miles.

I joined the team #werun2gether with Chris earlier this year, and I can tell you our team has completed the relay! Wow!

As well as all the excitement of our team finishing first, individual, “virtual” medals are awarded along the way for milestones met  

Earthathon for 26.2 miles
Bronze for 131 miles
Silver for 262 miles
Gold for 524 miles

I am so proud to announce I have reached a gold medal with 625 miles added to our team’s efforts. And before you ask, no I don’t spend all my life running, far from it! Part of this achievement is down to being out each morning with our doggies. Every morning before 7am we set off on a minimum of 5 kms walk/ brisk walk. Then a few evenings a week, I go out for a run. Though the heat, this time of the year is exhausting, but I try to get out there and sweat!

So with my gold medal and the knowledge #werun2gether has achieved its run around the planet, I’d better don my trainers to make sure I don’t get out of shape before we need to run the next relay!

If you would like to know more about #earthathon on how you can be involved click here.

As always thank you for stopping by. I hope the sun is shinning on your face and in your heart.

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Chris Stovell said...

Yay! Well done Pauline!

I must admit that I don't worry too much about the placings, but I love how runners support and encourage each other. So long as I can get out there, I'm happy.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi Chris, it is the support that makes all the difference, the rest is just fun and getting out there of course :)