Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How Do You Promote Your Book?

As most authors know promoting your book is one of the hardest part of the whole process of being a writer. Planing, plotting and writing, even on a bad day pales into insignificance when faced with getting out there and shouting about your latest baby

I do say shout, though if I am honest, my voice would not carry that far, though it can be persistent! But, no matter how loud or persistent your voice is there are hundreds if not thousands of voices that are much louder and can drown out what you are trying to say. Like most authors, I use Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. It does helps, but it is not the overall solution. What is the solution you might ask? Well apart from having your book in every High Street bookshop, supermarket and in airports, I haven't got an answer and that is where being published with one of the top six makes a difference. These authors books are there in shop windows, display cabinets in full frontal. So your book is not joining the mass at WH Smiths, but you still need to bang your drum.

In the absence of my books adorning books shops across the land, I produce posters to splash across Social Media. They are fun to produce and I still live in the hope they make a difference... we can dream. Remember having an over imaginative mind got us into this position in the first place! So what do you do to make a difference to your books visibility? 

As always, thank you, not only for stopping by, but for all your wonderful friendship and support. 

I hope the sun is shinning in your heart and on your face.


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