Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Let's Get Christmassy with ... Isabella May

We’re getting festive here with some special peeps and today we get Christmassy with 

Isabella May

Hello Isabella

Please tell us a little about yourself and if you are a reader, blogger or author.

I'm Isabella May. My debut novel, 'Oh! What a Pavlova' was published in October, and novel number two: 'The Cocktail Bar' is released on February 13th!

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

I have so many, as I am sure most people do. Aside from the buzz that was decorating the tree as a child, it would have to be the Christmas plays me and my sister put on for my mum, dad and two nans, who would always stay with us for Christmas. We'd rehearse and rehearse and then end up in hysterics and make everyone sit through our recorder playing peppered with laughing fits and assurances that 'this time we will do it seriously!' Fun times. I also loved seeing some of the weird and wonderful gifts my nan's were given from their elderly friends: a pin up perm in a box, some rubber gloves, hair spray, and best of all, a straight exchange of a Terry's Chocolate Orange... for another Terry's Chocolate Orange. You couldn't make it up! Oh, and I swear Quality Streets and Roses tins were at least twice the size in those days...

What is your favourite Christmas food?

My nan's Christmas pudding. Homemade, delicious and so very, very missed.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

I love all of the Christmas carols and I really miss that side of the festivities now we live in Spain. I'm not so keen on the cheesy Christmas pop songs though. It's high time someone released some better replacements!

What is your favourite Christmas photo? Why?

My children's annual snowy fake background photo from school. They always scrub up so well on the day, despite the lack of school uniform (we live in Spain) and it's a cute, festive touch which momentarily makes me pine for home and all things British and Christmassy!

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Twitter - @IsabellaMayBks
Instagram - @isabella_may_author

Please come back tomorrow to find out what makes Terri Nixon Christmas Christmassy

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