Thursday, 21 December 2017

Truchas for Christmas

Truchas are sweet pastries typically eaten at Christmas in the Canary Islands.

This time of the year you will see these little Christmas pastries in most local shops and cafes on the island. Made with puff pastry, sweet potatoes and almonds - made into a paste, and coated with sugar.

We’ve certainly had our share of these already! Each morning, with our dog, we walk 7km / 8km before breakfast. Something we have done for years. During our early morning meanders we meet a number of people out walking, running, cycling or off for a swim in the sea! Most of these call out an ‘Hello’ and from time to time we stop and have a chat. These morning friends are truly international, Spanish, local Canary, English, Irish, Germany, Swiss and occasionally we have met people from Canada and USA. The common language is Spanish or English.

The other morning we stopped to talk to one of the lovely Spanish ladies we see each day and to our surprise we were handed a bag with a large container filled with Truchas. She told us she had spent much of the day before making them for friends. Taken aback at such kindness we feel very privileged, and yes, they were delicious.

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