Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Storm Clouds Gathering

A new poster I designed for my emotional book
Storm Clouds Gathering.

This is what some of the readers have had to say…

“Storm Clouds Gathering tells the story of three families during the sixties in the North of England. Being originally from Yorkshire myself the setting immediately appealed to me and Pauline’s evocation of the era is spot-on. I particularly enjoyed the way in which the three stories intertwined and Pauline Barclay is adept at sweeping the reader up as the story carries you along. I became quite engrossed in the highs and lows that the different characters shared, running the whole gamut of emotions – always the sign of a good writer. This is a book that will stay in your mind long after you have finished the last page.”

“This is the third book of Ms. Barclay's that I have read, and like the other two (The Wendy House, Magnolia House), this is a real page turner! Couldn't put it down! As the title suggests- there is a storm brewing, but Ms.Barclay sets up the story in a calm peaceful way. Then the lives of these characters start to unravel. There is much emotion throughout the story, and like another reviewer said: the book stays with you.”

“This was one of the best books I've read for a long time. Three different families' stories, interwoven and brought together by tragedy and heartbreak. Twists and turns aplenty, a complete page-turned that I found myself reading late into the night.”

“Yes, the story is deeply compelling. It takes more than a compelling storyline, though, to make a great novel. For me, the characters and the extent to which I connect with them are what really make or break a story. In real life, we have an emotional reaction to gathering storm clouds because we care about the people affected by the brewing storm. In Barclay's Storm Clouds Gathering, I absolutely had emotional reactions because I cared deeply for the characters. Barclay has created realistic, vulnerable characters, characters who, like real people, have strengths and weaknesses. Her characters, each with a distinct personality, are human. Barclay brings them to life in a very powerful way, and as I read I felt very connected to each of them in different ways.”

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