Monday, 11 June 2018

Catch Up - June

This month I thought I would try something new and do a monthly Catch Up Newsletter. The idea is to share some of the things that have happened in the last couple of months and to give a sneak preview on what will happen next month.

During the last two months I ran a special West Yorkshire feature. I decided on this as Storm Clouds Gathering is set in a Yorkshire Mill town in 1965 and I wanted to highlight other stories and authors who live in this beautiful part of the world.  It was a great success with a number of wonderful authors taking time out to talk about their passion for Yorkshire and its surrounding areas.  Hebden Bridge, Miss Moonshine’s Emporium, Suzi Stembridge, Andrew Barrett, Liz Mistry, Chris Turnbull and Phill Featherstone    
You can read each of these post by clicking on each author’s name.  

For the next month or two, I am planning to do another special feature, this time the subject is, Addiction!

The Cold Light of Day Can you imagine losing control, sitting on the brink of disaster with everything you believe is yours, including the woman you love, and watching it all crumble and fall apart? Wondering if you have the strength and means to stop the fall out turning your world up side down and into a nightmare, because in the cold light of day you will need every ounce of resilience you posses and more to stop it?  

If you have published a book about addiction and would like to be a guest on my Blog in this special feature, please let me know. Let's get our visitors addicted too!

VLOG! Yes, I said VLOG! A couple of months ago I introduced a new feature, Video Blog. They have been great fun to make even if they have my nerves jangling! You can see the latest VLOG with Canadian Author, Eileen Schuh by clicking HERE. If you would like to do a VLOG with me, please let me know and let’s see what we can do together.

Many of you know one of my other loves is Chill with a Book Awards. This Award Programme as exploded in the last few months with incredible interest from Independent Authors, from all over the world, wanting to submit their books.

If you, your family and your friends love reading, please come and join our reading team. No reviews are required and you read on your Kindle for free. There are books for every reader to enjoy. More information HERE.

OK, let's step on it for the last section of this Catch Up! Back at the end of April I started a new fun challenge, Making Every Step Count! As if I haven’t enough going on… *laugh* However, the idea is to encourage as many peeps to share every step they take to help achieve a 30,000 mile target in as quick as time as possible. OK, it’s round the planet and some, but we can do it.... can't we? So far FIFTEEN peeps have signed up to share every step they take each day. It is a mix team of super peeps from all age groups and achievements. The oldest team member is 85, go you Les! Another member has completed two Ironman challenges and two London Marathons. *Phew*  I'm exhausted thinking about it!  Seriously, it is not about running marathons and more, it is about getting out there and sharing every step you take. What is important is being part of this fun challenge and seeing just how soon we can reach 30,000 miles together. If you would like join in on this fun, fab challenge or want to learn more click HERE.

Yes, I am afraid, we have come to the end of this, my first, Catch Up, and before I go I want to share this picture I took of a tree planter irrigation system that sprung a leak!

A HUGE thank you for stopping by and please come back again very soon to see what is happening.

Have a fabulous day and I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.



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