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Yesterday Uncovered -1940's with Dodie Hamilton

This month on Yesterday Uncovered we slip back to the 1940's

Sitting, in the shade, on a recliner at the side of my pool is Dodie Hamilton, author of Second Chance, so please help yourself to a glass of chilled bubbly, a plate of tapas, then make yourself comfortable and enjoy slipping back to the 1940's.

I am Dodie Hamilton and known to friends and clients around the world as the Spiritual Midwife. The name was given to me while working as a councillor with a particular interest in Out-of-Body Travelling and Near Death Experience.

A dream inspired me to write of the 1940s, pretty much the whole of A Second Chance arriving one night bringing the story of the GI Bride, beautiful Adelia Challoner, and the men that loved her.  It was a wonderful dream, full of passion and colour, I knew I had to set it down when in that same year I went to a party and there came face-to-face with one of the main characters.

 The story begins in 1942, Adelia working in St Faiths Hospital, Suffolk, where she meets an American pilot, the mad and definitely bad Bobby Rourke, and how in that same year the village of Needham is bombed. Lives are destroyed. Adelia is hurt in the blast and recovers consciousness to learn all memories of the previous day and what happened there - the joy and the pain – lies buried beneath the bandages on her head. Others try filling in the gaps, how she was seen walking in the park with a soldier, ‘a gorgeous guy with the bluest eyes.’ One man knows exactly what happened August 1st. He was there and saw it all but isn’t telling, at least, not until she’s safely aboard a liner on her way to America and a new life in Virginia. 

During WW2 the Suffolk coast airbases were inundated American service-men, their smooth uniforms and handsome faces creating the sardonic quip, ‘over-here, over-paid, and over-sexed.’ The GI Bride plan came about in ’46, wives and girlfriends of American servicemen brought to the States aboard ships like the Queen Mary.  Many of the women found happiness there, other found misery, Adelia Challoner found an Angel masquerading as an undertaker.

 The characters in A Second Chance are based on a dream. One such I met at a party. Across the room seen from a side-view he was probably the best-looking man I had ever seen, really quite beautiful, and then he turned, and in that moment became Captain America, Lieutenant Robert E Rourke, DFC.  The second male, Alexander Hunter, is based on a newspaper headline I read in the US Amy Magazine Stars ‘N Stripes about a soldier escaping from a German POW camp. The third, and the Mightiest, is Gabriel Templar, jail-bird and US Marine, a Becoming Angel, here on Earth to learn how it feels to be human, and who I have since learned was never meant for one book, rather for a quartet, entitled, The Helplessness of Angels, three of the Quartet now written.

 WW2 and the Southern States of America in the ‘40s required a lot of research, as did conditions here in Britain during the Second World War, yet as said before Adelia and her lovers are known to me, and, arriving like sparkling diamonds they continue to be known. I love them all and want to give them and their individual lives a voice that can be heard everywhere.

 I hope you will read about them and love them as I love them

Thank you for listening Dear Book Lovers.
I wish you happiness and peace.
Dodie Hamilton.
The Spiritual Midwife

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Thank you for stopping by and meeting Dodie.

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