Tuesday 30 July 2019

Letting her Guard Down...

Friday morning, and as usual, Doreen was running late for work, but before she could contemplate a day mucking out for her three clients, she needed her tobacco fix. Racing out of the front door, she noticed a balloon bobbing, on a ribbon, tied to her neighbour's door handle. “Happy Birthday” the message read in sparkling colours. Doreen chuckled. Her old neighbour was a birthday boy.
Pulling her jacket zip up, she hurried down the corridor towards the staircase that would take her out of Wentworth House and to Mr Greedy’s, the corner shop. Lengthening her stride, Doreen decided she would get the old boy a card.

Rooting through the poor selection in the shop, Doreen sighed, ‘Blimey there aint nothing suitable for an old geezer.’ Excepting she was out of luck, she dropped the motley collection back on to the box top she had lifted them from. Shrugging, she gazed down on the floor and saw a card lying there. Picking it up, she giggled. ‘Perfect,’ she cried. The words could not have been more appropriate if she’d written them herself. On a dull day, Doreen’s face lit up, maybe life wasn’t all that bad, she thought and headed to the counter to add her purchase to her slate.
Upbeat with her find, and standing at the counter, she let her guard down and before she realised her error, Mr Greedy talked her into doing something she vowed she never would…
It would be a few weeks before Doreen realised that buying a birthday card for her neighbour would change her life.

The Birthday Card
A feel good read, filled with laughter.

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