Magnolia House

When tragedy strikes the Leonard family instead of standing together as a united family they are instead bitterly divided. Jane Leonard’s gift, of less than a year earlier, of fifty percent of her house to her only son is now the cause of her imminent homelessness. The home she had not only lived in for five decades, but had conceived and brought her two children into the world and watched them grow, is now the centre of a hostile sale. Magnolia House must now be sold and the proceeds divided.

Magnolia House is a beautiful story about families and how one tragedy can set in motion events that will change the lives of those involved in the selling and buying of Jane Leonard’s home. At times the reader will find humour and other times great emotion, but this book will leave the reader reaffirming their beliefs in kindness, friendship, family and hope.

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Excellent read.

Only received it today looking forward to reading it . Had the pleasure of meeting Pauline Barclay in Lanzarote in December will get her other books as well ! Regards Nina Piper

This was a lovely, snuggly novel. And Pauline illustrates how a novel can be a page-turner without having to be action-packed. Magnolia House was, however, absolutely bursting at the seams with emotions--from those that come with the grief of death to those that come with the joy of birth and everything in between. All poignantly and skilfully intertwined in this very enjoyable book.

Having signed over half her house to her son, Ben, widowed Jane Leonard suddenly finds herself with no option but to sell her beloved Magnolia House--her home for many years--when Ben's wife insists on claiming the value of his share. It's a home where Jane has experienced love and happiness and, sadly, more than a human being's fair share of tragedy. Her efforts to put prospective buyers off comes to an abrupt end when Sally and Steve Bingley fall in love with the property and are determined to be undeterred by Jane's tactics in order to pursue their desire to open their very own B&B in this perfect house.

Misunderstandings, coincidences, kindness, and fate all play an important role in the future of the wonderful cast of characters: some pathetic ones, some tragic ones, some infuriating ones, some amusing ones--all varied and very credible. It's said that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of six people, and Pauline brings this into play in this book--albeit in the same little village!

I love Pauline's style. This is a delightful book that's wonderfully easy and effortless to read, straightforward, yet expressive and heartfelt. It brings a smile to your face and not just because of the sometimes gentle humour. I liked that the ending was not in the slightest bit predictable; Pauline instils a clever and compelling element of `I wonder how this is going to end' right to the very end.

A delightful tale of people interconnected with the selling of a house. Jane Leonard is forced to sell her family home, the estate agents are so kind and helpful (not like the ones I have met) the future buyer and the others in the chain intertwine as the story develops. These characters are lovely and I admit to having a few tears whilst reading this book. It is one I would recommend.

Jane Leonard has lived in Magnolia House for over fifty years and after tragedy hits her, not for the first time, she finds herself being forced to sell her beloved family home. A rift has developed between Jane and her daughter-in-law which seems to be growing by the day. A rift borne out of heartbreak, words unspoken and assumptions, as is so often the case in families and which has been written with real sentiment. The novel follows the relationship between Jane and her daughter-in-law and through the sensitive writing, I found myself willing these two women to try and resolve their differences.

The novel also follows the ripple effect the sale has on those further down the property chain, who themselves are having to make a new start for reasons outside of their control. Their lives becoming inter-linked, friendships formed and bonds made.

Magnolia House is a gentle story told with real warmth and understanding of human nature, the good, the bad and the often misunderstood. I found myself really drawn into the lives of the characters, Pauline certainly makes you feel that you know them so well, each with their own personality and traits. A great deal of emotion flows through the book and you can't help but empathise with each and every character as their story unfolds.

Magnolia House is written by Pauline Barclay.

Jane Leonard is a seventy year old Lady who has suddenly found herself living alone in Magnolia House. Just 12 months previous she shared the house with her beloved Son and his family.

So much can happen in just 12 month. Jane never imagined that she would have to sell the house that holds so many precious and sometime very painful memories spanning five decades. With huge reluctance Magnolia is put on the Market. Love and betrayal, hopes and dreams and ultimately family loyalty will affect the lives of all of those who become involved.

Can Jane actually let go of Magnolia House and move on? Will new friendships actual help heal old wounds? One lady's actions can change the lives of many around her.

What Pauline has written here is an amazing emotional story wrapped in so much sorrow but with the faintest hint of hope as you turn each page. The book starts with a group of people who are interwoven into the story but with no connection to the house.

I have read a number of books this year that have moved me, but non so much as this one. This really is a gorgeous story that made me have tears streaming down more often than not. I loved the way you get to understand why Jane is like she is, the way she relates and reacts to people who come around her. This book gives me hope!

This is the 3rd book of Pauline's I have read and with each of them there is a real beautiful feel to them. Pauline really knows how to hold the reader's attention and be desperate to know what happens next with her writing. I'm an a big fan of Pauline's work. (Adore the new cover too!) It's also really important for me to point out that this is a self published book and to me just shows the fantastic talent that these books can have. Never ever dismiss a self published Author, in my opinion, I have found that they are as good and in some cases better than those published by a big Publishing house.

Wonderful story Pauline, thank you x

Imagine having to put your house up for sale after living in it for five decades.

Imagine this was due to circumstances out of your control that were brought about by you through the making of a kind gesture.

This is the position Jane Leonard finds herself in after giving her son half of her house. Unaware that she would be forced to sell her home within twelve months.

Magnolia House is a wonderful written novel by Pauline Barclay. I could not put it down; it keeps you interested from beginning to end and takes you on an emotional journey that touches your heart with the sadness of grief, but also shares moments of humour that make you laugh out loud. The characters are very like able and easy to connect with throughout the journey through this book.

I would recommend reading this book and I very much look forward to reading more books by Pauline Barclay.

A story with heart that didn't disappoint from start to finish! The flow was natural, there wasn't one place where it lost either pace or the interest of the reader because the characters were real.

I was touched when I read 'The world hadn't stopped revolving because of her John and little Jessie dying. It should have but it just carried on oblivious of her grief'.

That touched me on a personal note; whenever I have felt grief in my life that is exactly how I felt. As if life should stop, or at least suddenly be different in some way to acknowledge the tragedy that has happened. I think in a strange way that is what makes grief even harder to bear, when you look around and everyone else is carrying on
as normal.

All round, just a lovely story to read.

Loved this book from begining to end, characters were superb especially Jane Leonard.

Loved the underlying sence of humor throughout the book, it made me laugh, as well as cry.

A must have read.

This was a wonderful story and a thoroughly entertaining read so much so, that i couldnt put it down and read it in the day, great charachters that you really connected with, went through all their emotions with them, all in all a fabulous book, and I would definately recommend this book.

Bought this as a holiday read to take to Croatia. Glad I did. Weather was lousy but the book didn't disappoint. An intriguing good read I couldn't put down and there's not many books I can say that about. Looking forward to the next.

Great, fab ,wonderful read was up well into to night reading, To be honest i did not want it to finish.loved it so so much cant wait for next book to come out . xxx

Magnolia House is a beautifully crafted novel - a story to tug heart strings with characters you will really believe in. Through circumstances beyond her control, Jane Leonard is forced to sell the home she has lived in for years, a house she jointly owned with her only son. Her future looks uncertain, but as we all know, fate works in mysterious ways - as Jane is about to find out.

A lovely book - well worth buying.

 bought the book for my wife Carol.

She informs me that the book is a very good "read" and intriguing.

Further- that she avidly turned each page-anxious to see what happened next.

Having bought a good book for her; I am now in her good books!

Money well spent indeed.

This book should be on everyones christmas list, I could not put it down. It is a perfect read with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine. It is very cleverly written, the characters feel like friends and you really do share in the ups and downs of their lives including their tears andlaughter. I couldnt wait to see what would happen next. Paulines attention to detail is fantastic she is a very talented writer and all I can say is please hurry up with the next book!!!

I brought the book Magnolia House for my wife she has throughly enjoyed reading it. Once she started reading it she found it very hard to put it down, could not wait to see what happened next. Was not disappointed a lovely read. Hope there is a follow on for me to buy for her.

Magnolia House is a nice, easy read - just right for curling up on the sofa with your favourite chocolate or wine - and like chocolate and wine, goes down very well! You'll find humour, sadness and a sense of wellbeing when you finish the book and if you enjoy it like I did will want to find out what happens next, roll on the sequel.

I might be a bit biased about this book especially as the front cover is a photo of my house!