Sometimes It Happens...

Winning the lottery was just the beginning for Doreen Wilkinson, nothing prepared Doreen and her seventeen year old daughter for their holiday at the luxury Villas Bonitas and nothing prepared Villas Bonitas for the Wilkinsons. 

Sometimes It a cast of characters, all have secrets and as Doreen and her daughter mingle with the rich, they find that deception, love, lies and laughter turns their holiday into one they will never forget.

"Sometimes It Happens that I come across a thoroughly enjoyable story that makes me laugh out loud at the antics of the characters within. This is one of them!"

Helen Hollick.

Chapter ONE

Nothing in her wildest dreams had prepared Doreen Wilkinson for something like this. But then, nothing had prepared her for winning the lottery either.
Several million. Several million. Eleven million, three hundred and fifty four thousand, two hundred and ten pounds and nineteen pence to be precise.
She had giggled at the nineteen pence. “Break the bleedin’ bank that will!”
The media had made the comment a headline, “19p to break the bleedin’ bank!” splashed all over the Sun and Daily Mirror accompanied by her smiling face and a fountain spray of champagne. She had thought it a waste shaking that great big bottle and letting it fizz everywhere, but the reporters had told her to do it.
Giggling at the memory, dressed in her silk pyjamas, Doreen stepped out on to the terrace. The warm morning air that caressed her face was in stark contrast to the chilled champagne she was sipping. She giggled again at drinking champagne before the sun had got out of bed. Padding to the end of the terrace, her bare feet absorbing the heat from the ceramic tiles, she looked out in awe over the Villas Bonitas complex of luxury villas. Apart from in films she had never seen exotic plants and trees, meandering tiled pathways and white walled, red roofed villas with sprawling private terraces. But then, she told herself, she had never won the lottery or been abroad before either. In fact she had never had a proper holiday full stop.
As the sun began to rise the solar lights that lit the gardens during the hours of darkness began to fade. Doreen watched, mesmerized, as the colours of the neatly maintained gardens surrounding each individual terrace gradually turned from sombre shades to vibrant greens, reds, pinks and yellows, and the shadows darkening the walls of each villa changed to a dazzling white. In the distance she could just make out the silhouette of the volcanic mountains as the rising sun cast its morning rays against their dark, jagged shapes.
Drinking the last drops of her champagne Doreen sighed with contentment. She had not known such beauty existed. Even the air had a sweet fragrance to it. She closed her eyes and inhaled the heady perfume, a high pitched shriek pierced the stillness, startled, she opened her eyes to see a yellow parrot dart past, almost within touching distance, its wings fanning her face. No sooner had the parrot disappeared into the tall palm trees, another, more muted sound rippled through the sultry, morning, air.
She frowned as she heard it again; looked left and right to locate where it was coming from. Giggled. She had half an idea what was going on and was surprised that such naughty cries could be heard in such a posh place. Grinning she went to sip her champagne, tipping the glass to her lips, realised it was empty. Pulling a face, she ambled back across the terrace and stepping through the wide open patio doors, giggled. “Someone’s enjoying a good time.”
Blinking rapidly, her eyes struggling to focus after the brightness of the terrace, squinting, Doreen looked around the lounge. “Blimey,” she cried seeing glasses and a couple of empty bottles on one of the low coffee tables. A makeup bag, its contents scattered on the dining table and an open magazine lay on the floor near one of the sofas.
“God, what am I like?” she muttered as she reached for a packet of cigarettes and a lighter.
Taking a drag from her newly lit cigarette, Doreen looked at her watch. It was still early, she thought as she paused outside her daughter Trisha’s door. Should she peep in? Her only daughter had gone out clubbing the night before, no doubt got home in the early hours. Her hand half way to the door handle, she wondered had she heard Trisha come in? She tried to think, but could not remember hearing any sounds; but then, she had been dead to the world, her first decent night’s sleep in weeks.
“Youngsters,” she giggled, “on the go all day, party all night. Don’t know where they get their energy from.”
Shaking her head, still giggling, she wandered to her bathroom. What she would give to be seventeen again! 

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A few weeks ago I received a Kindle for my birthday and the first book I downloaded was: Sometimes It Happens by Pauline Barclay

Doreen Wilkinson the heart of this novel is a chain smoking woman, born in poverty, working as a cleaning lady to have money for herself and her 17 year old daughter Trisha until one day, the day of all days Doreen wins the lottery, the simple sum of 11 million, three hundred and fifty four thousand, two hundred and ten pounds and 19 pence.
After all the fuss with the media she takes off to a millionaires resort named Villas Bonitas. This is where all the excitement starts.
Arriving at the villa she straight away stuck out like a sore thumb with her badly spoken I was given a Kindle for my birthday a few weeks ago and the first book English and manners. They way she speaks will make any reader giggle, the amount of champagne she drinks makes the readers drunk just from the reading of it and the amount she smokes could cure even the passionate smokers.

Frau Heck, a German resident who owns the villa next to Doreen causes lots of trouble especially when two young homosexual lawyers arrive and reside in the villa at the other side of hers.

This novel is a funny, sunny summer read. It’s full of humour but the occasional tear may drop. It is a novel of love, fun and laughter. Pauline Barclay describes Villas Bonitas and all the characters involved in this novel so perfectly that you have the feeling you know the characters and are even residing with them.

If you do not go on holiday this year then this is the book to buy. After you’ve finished it you will be for sure have the feeling: I had a fantastic holiday.

I am now an eBook fan and can’t stop reading, much to the dismay of my husband.

Life is never predictable. Something that seems logical, predictable, and certain might never happen. And, excitingly, something that seems entirely impossible, far-fetched, and even a bit ridiculous to imagine sometimes does happen. Pauline Barclay, author of "emotional, passionate, beautiful, moving stories" takes readers into that fun, unexpected world with her novel Sometimes it Happens.

In this light-hearted novel, Doreen Wilkinson--a woman who has raised her now-seventeen-year-old daughter in abject poverty, working as a cleaner and barely getting by--unexpectedly finds herself and her daughter at a ritzy, exotic topical resort/residential community. She is suddenly lavishly and excessively wealthy, for she has won the lottery!

At this resort community known as Villas Bonitas, Doreen encounters quite a cast of characters. She brings to this eclectic mix something some of them have never seen: authenticity. Doreen is simply that: Doreen. Her "poor" mannerisms and speech are met with varying degrees of tolerance, acceptance, or lack thereof. The interactions are often amusing, although thankfully not outlandish and absurd, and this is part of what makes Sometimes it Happens an enjoyable read.

Doreen isn't the only star of the story. The people with whom she interacts have stories of their own. It was fun to follow each and every one of them, even one who was such a despicable person I would normally ignore. But Barclay makes this woman's antics amusing to read.

Barclay's novel is light and fun. The silly and serious things that go on at Villas Bonitas are truly quite believable because, as they say, Sometimes it Happens.

The 'rich' mix of characters had me intrigued from the first page. From Doreen, the Cockney Sparra who wasn't used to being rich, to snooty Sheila who took her wealth for granted - and all the lovely characters in between - took me back to the fun of Majorca and Ibiza in the 1970s and 80s. I laughed from the beginning. It isn't only a rags to riches story, it's also one where everyone get's something out of their time at Villas Bonitas. I don't want to give the game away, but all the ends are tied up perfectly, and all the residents get what they deserve!! A very enjoyable read.

Fast paced with lots of deception. Plenty of laughs with such a variety of characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, even if at times it seems a little far fetched to actually happen. That said since its a work of fiction it can contain virtually anything. The those commenting on such a combination of events not being possible should remember this.

Read by me and my sister, takes the sting out of a wet English summer day with some welcome sunshine.

I have just finished Sometimes it happens by Pauline Barclay
What a wonderful story with in the first few pages i was trapped in the world of the characters i laughed ,cried and was so sad that the book ended .Great story and fab book to read around the pool.I take my hat off to Ms Barclay three very good books i have read by her and i cant wait for the next one

Sometimes it Happens is one of the funniest - and by that I mean hilarious - books I've read in a long while. The protagonist, Doreen Wilkinson, is a down to earth working class mum who has won the lottery, and when you got a whole load of dosh you might just as well enjoy it in style and that's what she does. But when Doreen and her daughter descend on Villas Bonitas, a place where the pretentious middle-classes take their holidays within a luxurious gated villa complex, Doreen feels a tad out of place. A little daunted by her good fortune she can nonetheless smoke and drink herself to oblivion if the fancy takes her, but how can she capture happiness and hold onto it?

Whilst Doreen comes to terms with the reality of wealth her daughter is getting down and dirty with local talent, which in turn draws a rather observant nosey character into play. Tensions, snobbery and secret assignations abound as the villas fill with an array of occupants of differing moral standards. As individual cameos and sequences begin to play out a reader quickly gains insight to the lives of Doreen's neighbours. And it's not long before Doreen is faced with the reality that she may be a long way from England but the World is merely a global village, and as blasts from the past step forth she has to face up to a past mistake that needs righting: but how?

Sometimes it Happens is a light fun read but a few Doreen tears are shed along the way, and each villa has a story to tell all its own. Ms Barclay plays on the senses as she paints a delightful paradise setting with words, and the characters are bold, sometimes brassy and cheeky with it. A recommended read to brighten any miserable day (meaning English weather).

Doreen Wilkinson has won the lottery. Nothing like this has ever happened to Doreen or her teenage daughter, Trisha before.
So, they leave the council estate they live on, to have a celebratory holiday in the sun, at Villa Bonitas.

Villa Bonitas, a select holiday village, has never seen the likes of Doreen before. Will this be the holiday of a lifetime? Can Doreen keep up with the class of neighbours.

With a colourful cast of characters from different walks of life, I felt like I was actually sunning myself by the pool and watching the comedy/soap drama unfold around me.

Pauline Barclay had added enough teasers to get the questions flowing and the slowly answered those questions to satisfy me. There are a few storylines running through the novel, with secrets and lies all coming to a satisfying conclusion. The pace and excitement was just right.

I would say this is a must for your Kindle for a beach read this summer.

Please do overlook the spellings, noticed by other reviewers, it is worth it.

Never have I won a free ticket in the lottery, let alone the whole shebang! It was a breath of fresh air to see what happens to 'real' people, who live 'real' lives, and work 'real' jobs, when they win the lottery. For Doreen Wilkinson, it was like diving into the deep end of a pool and never really coming up for a full-breath.

From the get-go, I enjoyed the eclectic mix of characters. Even though they all lived different lives outside the Villa, once inside, they became like a dysfunctional family. There were characters that you would expect to see at any resort (Bob, Carmen, Frau Heck), some that you would cross the street to avoid (Sheila, Jack), and some that you would pull up a stool beside at the bar (Doreen, Pat, Antonio).

The one character that grated on my nerves from her first word was Doreen. While I completely understand that she was from a 'poor' upbringing, her accent - or the way her accent was written - made it really hard to read. It may have been a cross-border translation (me being in Canada, the author from the UK) but having to stop on every single word made the flow of conversation very hard to follow. I also couldn't understand why her daughter, who came from the same up-bringing, didn't have the same dialect?!?

Overall, the story was very well written. I enjoyed each of the storylines and how, at the end, everything was brought together into one, neat, little package. It has made me wish that, after a little speech therapy, Doreen will be back in a second novel.

Pauline Barclay is definitely one to keep an eye on!

I read this on holiday in Lanzarote and it was an enjoyable book with some interesting characters, but almost totally spoilt by the terrible spelling and grammar -'Dinning' for 'Dining' over and over again becomes very tedious. Please use a proof-reader next time, not a spell-checker and ask someone to comment on the grammar, which made some bits almost incomprehensible. (I don't know if this is just in the Kindle edition.) I'd volunteer to do both myself for the author, to avoid future disappointment!

This is a great book to get you in a light, sunny mood. Looking at the weather outside makes you just want to reach for a book like this. The plots around all the rich residents of the villas are interesting but not too complex. The only irritation I had was with the language from Doreen which I found destroyed the flow of the story. I have a Cockney Father and despite his accent he does not talk like this. Not only was the use of the words OTT they were also often incorrect and used out of context. However, this is a small gripe compared to my overall enjoyment of the book and I will certainly try another written the author.

Sometimes It Happens...Feeling definitely off par, I curled up with my dog and reached for a pick-me-up - and what a fabulous antidote to post Christmas blues coupled with a nasty cold Sometimes It Happens was. Right from outset, I felt as if I was there, sipping champagne on my sun-drenched terrace at the exclusive Villas Bronitas, or lingering over my coffee whilst people watching at the café in the Old Square. Pauline Barclay has a way of transporting you right to the location.

At first I wasn't sure about Doreen's propensity to giggle, but soon realised that this was who she was, a bubbly, big-hearted woman, a la a young Barbara Windsor, determined to laugh whatever the weather, but whose giggle sometimes masked an inner nervousness. Also a square peg in a round hole, it seemed, catapulted from her poor East-ender existence to the luxurious resort in Spain, along with her daughter, Trisha, who was obviously never starved of her mother's love. This is a true rags-to-riches story, the underlying message being that we are all the same beneath the veneer and that money can't necessarily buy happiness. Pauline brings us an eclectic mix of characters, some larger than life, but all with human traits and foibles we recognise. The Hoskins are typically full of airs and graces, Shelia Hoskins in particular, looking snootily down her offended nose at someone who clearly doesn't `belong'. Jack, for all his chauvinistic boorishness, I couldn't help cheering on the in the end. Gay barristers Simon and Chicky are quite delightful and probably the most functional couple - loved the beach scene - and the redoubtable Frau Hecks brought a tear to my eye. Patrick was perfect. In my minds eye, a cockney Don Draper from Mad Men, quiet, authoritative and definitely fanciable. In short, Sometimes It Happens ticked all my boxes.

This is a really fun read and I found myself almost wanting to speak some of the Cockney dialogue out aloud, just to see if I could recreate it realistically! Of course I couldn't, but then I found myself reading it and imagining it as a play - with each chapter a new scene. The start of each became a `cue' for the next stage setting; I found myself smiling and adding `character exits left....or right....'. Who would play the infamous Doreen (the lottery winner), or the wonderful Pat (such a gentle, caring man)? This book is fun and infectious - that's why the glass on the front cover is so big.... You get what it promises.... Bubbles all the way, Pauline Barclay style!

Sometimes It Happens is a really fun book written by the lovely Pauline Barclay. I read it in just two days and seriously felt as though I had been on a little mini-break in the sun.
Doreen Wilkinson checks into Villas Bonitas with her daughter Trisha. She has just won a lot of money on the lottery, eleven million, three hundred and fifty four thousand, two hundred and ten pounds and nineteen pence to be exact. This luxurious holiday in Spain is just the beginning of Doreen's new life.
Villas Bonitas has a fair few guests staying at the same time and they make this book very entertaining. There are gay barristers Simon and Chicky who are just trying to get away from it all; Jack and Sheila Hoskins who like to think they rule the place and are not impressed by Doreen and her 'new' money. Finally we have Frau Hecks, she lives permanently in Villas Bonitas and is still mourning her late husband. Most of the staff and guests are terrified of this officious German lady but we soon realise that she is a teddy bear underneath the hard exterior.
Doreen is trying to adjust to her new found wealth and mix with these people. She feels inferior until she realises that they are no better than her, especially Sheila and Jack who have a huge skeleton in their closet. Add in to this mix, Pat Greenwood, Doreen's first love who has shown up in Spain, is he just after her money or could this be the real thing?
Sometimes It Happens is a really feel-good read. Pauline Barclay writes with a lot of wit and warmth and this book had me smiling long after I had finished it.

Sometimes it Happens is set on location of the posh and luxurious millionaires resort of Villas Bonitas. The story is about a lovely character called Doreen Wilkinson who after a big lottery win is holidaying on the resort with her daughter Tricia. Doreen is a great character she is not from a privileged background and the win has changed her life. She is from the East end of London and all her dialogue is written out just how she would talk in a cockney type slang which brings her more to life and is quite funny at times.

This is a new start for Doreen, who in the past struggled for money and now she has it by the bucket load. When she arrives at the Villas, she causes a stir because as some of the other guests might say she is from a different class from the people who would normally stay there. Some of the other guests are Jack and Sheila Hoskins. Sheila is a complete snob, who looks down her nose at Doreen and she could make things unpleasant for her during her stay. Jack her husband is not all that Sheila thinks him to be and is keeping secrets. Simon and his partner Chicky who work as barristers. Add to that the staff who take care of the running of the Villas and you have got a great mix of characters, each with their own secrets. When Pat Greenwood, Doreen's ex shows up unexpectedly, is he all that he appears to be or is he just after Doreen's money?

This is a fantastic funny read. The characters really come to life and the interaction they have with each other is well written and done with great humour. When we all go on holiday, you never know what kind of people you are going to meet and this is what the story is about, a group of people who have ended up staying at the same location. What is great about this story is, that it has a moral that no matter how much money people have that they can still be the worst mannered and have no respect for others and that it is important to respect everyone no matter what their background is. It is about the person that you are and how well you respect and treat other people.

Sometimes it Happens put me in the mood for a much needed holiday and when I go I hope I have packed a book that is as good as this one! A great holiday read or it will brighten up a rainy day stuck indoors.

What an entertaining read! With a fantastic cast of characters, a wonderful setting and a swiftly-moving plot, I whipped through Pauline Barclay's wonderful novel in a day -- the perfect way to pass a rainy Saturday. The sunny environs of the Villas Bonitas allowed me to escape grim London, just what I needed!

This book has got a real mix of characters. From rags to riches is how you would describe this bunch of characters. I loved our main character Doreen although reading about her character made me feel like I was reading about my mum as she is also called Doreen who is a cleaner and is always found with a fag in her mouth and speaks in a South London twang! Unfortunately that is where the similarities end as my mum hasn't won the lottery!

I found Doreen's character easy to read but that is because I have grown up in the South East so I am used to her way of talking, I can imagine for people who are overseas reading this book they may not understand her way of talking. I had to mention this as the negative comments I have seen about this ook seems to mention this each time.

I absolutely loved the way each character has got their own personal reason for being at Villas Bonitas. They all held a secret as to their being there and other than one I couldn't predict what these secrets would be. This is for me what kept me gripped as I do love the element of suspense in a book.

Although we see each of the characters points of view Barclay manages to bring each of the characters together. There are many characters and many story lines in this book but because of the way Barclay weaves them altogether I never found I was losing my way in this book.

I did find the novel was a little slow to start but once the pace got going I soon felt myself lying round the pool at Villas Bonitas. This is defiantly an ideal holiday read. It brings you the idyllic scene to get you into the holiday mood, with an easy storyline which enables you to pick up and put down at ease.

I bought Sometimes it Happens by Pauline Barclay on my brand new Kindle. I managed (just!!) to save it for my holiday and I am soo pleased I did. It was a perfect read and one I certainly enjoyed.

The story is very well written, it revolves around a central character Doreen who is plucked from her rather poor life in London, to the glam and glitz of Villas Bonitas with her daughter Trisha after winning the lottery. In the depths of luxury she meets some very interesting characters, and even with all her millions and squillions her past catches up with her!

Pauline takes great care in the details, the settings and characters are written so well, I not only felt like I was sitting by the pool in Villas Bonitas with a glass of fizz, but that they were all my friends, even Shelia who is absolutely hilarious!!

Romance is definitley at the heart of the story but there are also plenty of ups and downs, I couldnt put this book down desperate to see how each characters lives would pan out and I certainly was not disappointed.

I thorougly recommend Sometimes it happens so grab a glass of fizz sit back and enjoy!!

This is the first book I've read in electronic format, I'm not anti e-readers, I just never thought I could give up real books. It was a perfect introduction to Kindle format books and is a novel ideally suited to new technology. Larger than life characters, short chapters and a storyline that hooks you in and goes off at a pace.

On a par with all the recent news coverage about the Euro millions winners, Sometimes it Happens bursts into life with the introduction of Doreen Wilkinson, a lottery winner who has in her own words been a scrubber from the East End, now catapulted onto the millionaire's set. Doreen is a character who you instantly warm to. The dialogue is in her own cockney twang, and no amount of money is likely to transform her into an Eliza Dolittle that Professor Higgins could pass off as a Duchess.

She sticks out like a sore thumb in the millionaire playground of Villas Bonitas. She is on holiday with her 17 year old daughter, contemplating her new found fortune, when all kinds of past history start to creep up on her. An old flame appears from nowhere, is he now hunting her down for her new found wealth?

There are many other colourful characters surrounding Doreen in the sunshine paradise. Just as interesting as the other residents in the villas are the staff who keep Villas Bonitas running smoothly. Many secrets start to unravel and the intrigue continues up until the final chapter.

Sometimes it Happens is an ideal summer holiday read, pure escapism, and you can almost feel the heat of the sun as you read it.

Sometimes it Happens is the latest novel by Pauline Barclay set in a millionaires paradise resort called Villas Bonitas. You are introduced to Doreen a British "scrubber" from the East end of London who wins the lottery. Totally out of her comforts zone she arrives at the Resort with her 17-year-old daughter, Trisha.

Within the resort there are a number of other people who own a Villas and are either living there fulltime or also just visiting their holiday home. These characters are very central to the story and Pauline has perfectly entwined them together without you realising how from the very start.

I loved this book right from the first chapter. Very easy to read with some great characters from all different walks of life. The story has a message written all the way through it that it doesn't matter how much money you have whether it is old money or new money people have their own problems and it is more about how you treat people and in turn people treat you. This is definitely a love story. Each person is desperate to be loved in their own way, in some cases they are not aware of that!

Very humourous and beautifully written with an ending that really does round off the story very well. Pauline will have you reaching for a tissue in places or a glass of something fizzy with bubbles throughout! Not forgetting the hysterical line with the words Torn-me-knee-off!

Great summer read. Thank you Pauline. I will certainly be downloading to my Kindle your other two books.

Sometimes it Happens by Pauline Barclay is a delightful, good fun, entertaining and charming tale of rags to riches millionaire lottery winner Doreen, who is staying at the elite Villas Bonitas with her fun loving daughter Trisha. Other residents at this exclusive villa complex are either on holiday at their home or are working here. There is an important message in the writing, that it doesn't matter how much money you have, it doesn't always make you a good person and certainly doesn't always make you happy.

Pauline portrays people and places so well and so beautifully that you can imagine what the people and the places look like. Her descriptions made me melt into the book and become part of the exclusive community. At one point, I actually felt like I was sitting having coffee in the local café and could smell the salty sea air and fabulous café aromas, watching the plot unfold. I was definitely lying on a sunbed around the pool on numerous occasions, watching the many characters and their funny little mannerisms.

Sometimes it Happens is a great fairytale romance with a lot of laughs and tears along the way but with a perfect happy ending - just my type of tale. With a perfect amount of unexpected twists and turns, with lies and deceit mixed with happiness and luxury, this book left me hoping that Pauline will be writing more about these fabulously flamboyant characters that I have become good friends with.

I thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted book, a fantasy we all dream of happening - winning the lottery. The characters were wonderful (one or two I know from my own circle!) The location felt hot and believable. The overall story was not too heavy just right to pick up and read on holiday (especially in a rain drenched Lake District!) Looking forward to trying the other books written by Pauline in due course.

In Sometimes it Happens we're introduced to the Villas Bonitas as we meet Doreen Wilkinson. Doreen is a true rags to riches story - a council estate girl, a single mother, living on the breadline; someone who suddenly wins millions on the lottery and has to adjust to her new-found wealth. The Villas Bonitas are also home to a number of other characters, who we gradually come to know over the course of the novel. These characters range from the sweet, to the downright horrible, and all have a story of their own.

Pauline Barclay's prose is exuberant and has a real sense of fun. She sets the scene with a holiday atmosphere, and I could almost feel the sun lounger under my back and the drink in my hand as I read this story.

In Sometimes it Happens Barclay also takes some time to examine the different ways in which money might affect a person, especially someone who has previously had nothing. It was great to see Doreen remaining true to her roots, but I also appreciated the idea that winning the lottery would not instantly make a person's life full of happiness and serene.

Barclay's characterisation is also pretty good. There are some very well-defined characters here, and I never had any problems telling them apart, which can happen at times when you have a large cast of people within a novel.

On the self-published side of things, I felt that the text was perfectly readable. There were some errors and Barclay made a habit of using commas a little flagrantly, which sometimes caused sentences to read oddly, but I didn't stumble too often.

The most difficult part of the novel for me, and the part that I felt let Barclay down, was the dialogue. She was determined to retain the down to earth nature of Doreen, but unfortunately it led to some clumsy speech that interrupted the otherwise relatively smooth prose: "Gawd gel, you don't fink I'm old do yer? I ain't no spring chicken I grant, but I ain't no gerry-attic eever." Perfectly understandable, but a little difficult to read.

Altogether, I'm pleased that my first foray into self-published works was a success. I was entertained by the story of Doreen Wilkinson, and would recommend this as an easy read on a summer's afternoon.

I took a little while to start reading it, for various reasons, but then one afternoon my laptop went into hospital (!) and I found myself with plenty of time to dedicate to Sometimes It Happens. I soon devoured it, I tell you! I absolutely loved this book! The intertwining stories were beautiful... I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves chick lit, romance, comedy etc! You're guaranteed to be unable to put it down.
Simply a wonderful story!

One of the uses of a Kindle is to take it on holiday to read on the flight to somewhere hot and sunny, or to relax with while sunbathing on the beach in an exotic paradise.
What to read though?
Something light and enjoyable? Entertaining, with believable characters you can identify with - and to bring a smile to add to the pleasure of a relaxing holiday?

Well search no further than Sometimes It Happens!
A delightful "beach read" full of equally delightful characters.

Happy holiday - Happy Reading!

(Note: the author is known to me: however, this is a genuine personal review of a book I enjoyed reading)