Friday, 16 August 2013

Sitting Round My Pool - Claire Upton

Today, I have the lovely Claire Upton sitting round my pool, sipping bubbly whilst talking about her debut novel, Twisted Fate…. Cheers Claire!

Pauline: I know you live in the UK, but which part?

Claire: I live out in the sticks between King’s Lynn & Wisbech.

Pauline: A fab part of the country and still rural enough to feel away from it all. As for your book, I love the title. Is Twisted Fate your debut novel?

Claire: Yes, Twisted Fate is my debut novel, even though it was written 10 years ago I have only just made the plunge to publish.

Pauline: So pleased that you have published your novel, but what inspired you to write Twisted Fate?

Claire: I was inspired by a farm my family & I visit every summer. It is farmed in the traditional way and it has a truly magical feel to the place. The rest is fiction built on the place and people I have met along the way.

Pauline: Now having felt the rush of adrenalin with your first book, are you working on a new book and if so are you prepared to share a few details?

Claire: My new book is underway & I am hoping to have it released this autumn. It has a slightly different feel to it than Twisted Fate but I’m hoping it will be as equally enjoyed. There is not much to share at the moment as I tend to just allow the story to carry me through so the events are as much a surprise to me as they are the reader.

Pauline: Please help yourself to more bubbly and then tell me what is your favourite food?

Claire: Oh thanks, if you don't mind. Hmm, favourite food, that's a tough one. I think if I had to choose I would say ice cream, or chocolate.

Pauline: Tempted as it might be, you can not include yours here, so please name three books you have enjoyed reading in 2013

Claire: I’m currently reading ‘Me & Mr Jones’ by Lucy Diamond. It was a must buy as my tutors from the degree I have just completed were two of three Mr Jones’ brothers, so the title made me giggle. The book is fantastic though. My youngest boys & I read at bedtime and are working our way through ‘The Wind Singer’ trilogy by William Nicolson. I also read Cathy Kelly’s ‘The Honey Queen’.

Pauline: Let's do a little dreaming, what is your favourite model of car? It can be one you would love to own!

Claire: I always wanted an old shape Toyota Celica because it seemed like a cool car to own when I was in my twenties.

Pauline: They did seem cool I agree! Let's dream more, what would be the third thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

Claire: After having my house renovated and buying a house for each of my children my third thing would be a huge clothes shopping trip for us all, no more charity shop/sale/hand-me-downs. However, I’m not sure I would not habitually flick through the sale rails.

A little more about Claire…

Author, Claire Upton, is a mum to four lively children aged 9-21, this fact still shocks her!  She is a huge fan of Cathy Kelly, Adele Parks and Sue Welfare amongst many.  So as an avid reader and after boosting her confidence by completing a Psychosocial degree over the past three years, she decided to dig that novel out she once wrote.  Now only a month after leaving University she has the paperback version on sale and book signings set up.  Nervously she is about to take on the world… well offer her books to friendly looking people!   In between those events she is spending the summer at home with the children and sneaking off to write more of her new novel.

Her Facebook page is a great place to keep up with the upcoming events and offers… and of course, the new releases.

Twitter and Goodreads still confuse her but she is doing her best.  And if all else fails pop over to her Amazon page which magically has the twitter feed on it.

Here I am at the Bookstop Café in Lincoln with my book on a proper bookshelf! Proud moment.

Claire’s debut novel, Twisted Fate

The Blurb!

It is 2001 and Natalie Walsh is successful in her career, has great friends and subsequent social agenda. She is not looking for love but serendipity takes a hand and leads her towards Matt Samson, a down-to-earth Farm Manager. Fate however steps in and twists her life into an unrecognisable form. How will she put her life back together or more's the case, does she want her old life back? If she does, is it possible after her course has changed?

A heart-warming story of love, loss and acceptance. You will laugh and cry your way through Natalie's trials and tribulations. And at points wish you could just reach into the book and give her a supportive hug.

Claire enthuses that, "I hope readers enjoy reading my book just as much as I loved writing it."

Claire’s Links:

Thanks Claire for taking time out of your very busy life for chilling round my pool, it's been fab having you here. Do let me open another bottle, it is a tad hot today!


Rosemary Ann Smith said...

I like ice cream too Claire! Lovely interview ... Rosemary

Pauline Barclay said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and saying Hello to Claire. A fabby guest!