Sunday, 27 March 2011

Not Only Sunsets!

This week I  not only sat and watched as the sun set behind the jagged volcanic mountains, creating a rich tapestry of colours across the sky and sea, but I saw the two poignant words on my manuscript, The End.

The rewrite of my latest book, titled, Sometimes It Happens... has been an eye opener, because for this book I have the wonderful Helen Hollick as my editor.

Like most writers who are not with a mainstream publisher, I know I must do or organise everything myself. Marketing, publishing etc, but one vital area that I could not do myself and that was to professionally edit my own manuscript.

Helen took me under her wing after reading my second novel, Satchfield Hall.
Having read my book, Helen then sent me a critique.
My confidence is pretty low when it comes to my writing, I chew my fingers to the bone if I know who is reading my book and worry myself silly!
So when I received Helen's critique in my email in-box, I left it unopened, had a cup of tea and ate several chocolate biscuits!
Then with a trembling finger, clicked on the open button of the email.
With my eyes half closed, I read everything Helen had written. In fact I read it several times over, my eyes wide open this time!
What Helen had written was very uplifting and positive about my book and my writing, but there was a but, and that but was loud and clear - I needed an editor.

Helen's commitments are many and so with her recommendation I went in search of a good editor. They were all very busy and could not look at my latest work in progress for some months.
At this stage, Helen decided, despite her own workload to take me under her wing.
I have not looked back.
She has made a world of difference to my writing and my approach to my writing, which I hope my readers will enjoy when my third book, Sometimes It Happens... is available.

Editing is not only essential for checking the grammar, spelling, commas are in the correct place etc, but more importantly that the story works and is written well.
A professional publishing editor will see your story from a fresh set of eyes, check your continuity, make sure your characters are believable, check you are writing in the correct tense.
Importantly, your editor will see all the things you do not and much more!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Speeches and Awards

A special thank you to Debs Carr who kindly awarded me this lovely 'Stylish blogger Award'. When I started Blogging less than a year ago, I had no idea how many wonderful people I would meet or that such awards existed.

Now I must tell you seven things about me...mmm!

1. I hate the cold, in fact if my hands get too cold, my circulation stops and I can not use good for writing!

2. I have trouble buying shoes because I take a size 3 (36).

3. My hair colour is natural, despite regularly being asked where I have it highlighted and coloured!

4. I hate butter beans.

5. I love toffee.

6. I have a bread machine and love the smell of the bread baking.

7. I'd rather get up very early than go to bed very late!

Now having shared a few of my little quirks, I award the Stylish blogger Award to these lovely people who have wonderful Blogs:

Mel at High Heels and Book Deals
Suzy Turner
Sarah Duncan
Liz Fichera
Lucie Wheeler

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Beautiful Markings!

The weather this last week as been most strange on the island, heavy rain, even hail with large chunks of ice, a cold wind and heavy leaden skies. Temperatures dipped to 13c in our garden for a daytime temperature, unheard of. This time of year we should be around 21- 22c and the rain mostly finished for the winter. But I did not only want to share my weather report with you, but these two amazing photos. The rainbow, I took this morning after returning with the dogs. If you look closely you will see it is a double rainbow. We saw the same again late afternoon when walking the dogs!

This photo I took this morning as I walked out of our friends villa, a large cricket, soaking up the few sun rays of this morning. The beautiful markings and colour.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Carnival Time!

Saturday 12th March was Puerto Del Carmen's Grand Carnival Parade and as tradition we donned our costumes and joined in the fun.
This year the colours and costumes were magnificent, there were feathers and glitter, vibrant colours and sparkles, marching bands, singing troupes, dancers in flamboyant dress,  pirates and Romans, witches and vampires, prisoners and policemen, cartoon characters, clowns, and much much more. The parade meandered its way along The Avenida and lasted for over two hours. The area crammed with spectaters, many dressed in carnival costume joining in the dancing and soaking up the party atmosphere. An amazing event.

This morning around seven thirty as we walked the dogs, several young people, still in costume were making their way home after a long night of partying!

Saturday, 5 March 2011


We all take access to the internet for granted and should it not work we are lost at best, distraught at worst. For over a week our internet service was intermittent, until it finally gave up all together. We rang our provider and explained the problem in English and our best Spanish. This proved to be far more frustrating than having no internet. We were told a technician could only speak Spanish, no problem we will do our best to communicate. Transferred to the technician, who told us we had to talk to an English speaking person, transferred; the English speaking person repeated what we had been told earlier, we must speak Spanish to the technician. Transferred again, the technician told us…….yes, you’ve got it. This happened for almost an hour until we eventually got someone to listen enough to help. Finally, by Friday afternoon our internet started to work again. And no, no technician came to the house, we assumed, as we always had, the problem was in their network.
On a positive note, having no distraction from Twitter and emails, I have managed to work exclusively on my book 3 and thanks to my lovely editor, it is sparkling rather nicely. Talking of my editor, Helen has begun her US Blog tour for the launch of her USA publication I Am The Chosen King. Click on the book cover to learn all about this amazing lady, her publication and her exciting tour.